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It has been confirmed that Windows 10 could cause problems such as the taskbar and the desktop disappearing, and it seems that Microsoft has solved it using Known Issue Rollback (KIR) (Microsoft Learn article, Neowin article, Ghacks article).

This issue affects all versions of Windows 10 since version 20H2 and can cause the taskbar and desktop to disappear or become unresponsive. However, this is a temporary issue and will go away after a reboot. KIR is a function that allows you to roll back only the part where the problem occurred in the Windows update, but the cause is the preview KB5016688 (release C) of the update released on August 26, so in version 22H2 the update that caused it The program does not exist.

Although it can take up to 24 hours for the KIR to take effect, it is likely already in place for both internet-connected and unmanaged consumer devices. Managed devices, on the other hand, require a special group policy to download, install and enable.

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