Project Cars 3 arrives at full speed this August 28

Fans of the franchise waiting impatiently Project Cars 3 can rejoice. Bandai Namco has just formalized the release date of the third installment of the automobile simulation of Slightly Mad Studios : the game will be released on August 28. In addition to this announcement, the publisher gives us a little more detail on the title.

The most notable change concerns accessibility. The first two episodes of the series offered a fairly technical and sharp driving experience, the third part seems to be more open and accessible. The title of the English studio will indeed bring many more adjustments in terms of aid, enough to open the game to players who are not particularly attracted to advanced simulation. If many have doubts on how to reconcile a simulation approach with a more arcade driving, we will wait to try the title controller or steering wheel in hand.

In addition to this, the management and feel of the tires will be improved. The dynamic weather and the alternation of the seasons will also be there. Among the improvements, we can also note better artificial intelligence as well as more realistic management of collisions and crashes.

Project Cars 3 will also see significant changes to its content. In addition to offering an impressive number of more than 200 cars and 140 circuits, the game will see its career mode completely redesigned. The personalization of characters and cars will be more important and the game will offer regular challenges in order to win new cars, spare parts or cosmetic items.

There is a risk of traffic jams for racing games in the second half of the year. Between F1 2020, Dirt 5, Project Cars 3, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Fast and Furious Crossroads, Nascar Heat 5, WRC 9 and probably Forza Motorsport 8, places will be expensive. Have you already made your choice?

Even more news on Project Cars 3:

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