Prosecutor Lee Jae-myung asks for donations from Seongnam FC, fearing he won’t keep his political promise

Former CEO of Doosan E&C, etc., described in the indictment… “Contact necessary companies such as licenses, etc.”
“Doosan bribing third party in exchange for change of use… Lee also ordered review of profit recovery”

The prosecution, which launched a major re-investigation into the Seongnam FC sponsorship claim, is understood to be looking into the case that Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung, then president of the Democratic Party of Korea, selected companies with pending civil complaints. considering his political interests and making them pay support.

The prosecution’s view is that after taking over Seongnam Ilhwa, the predecessor of Seongnam FC, and encountering difficulties in raising FC’s operating funds, CEO Lee personally contacted companies that urgently needed to resolve civil complaints, such as building permits, rather than voluntary sponsorship by companies.

◇ Prosecutors judge Lee Jae-myung’s ‘third-party bribe’ as the motive for the crime
On the 5th, Yonhap News obtained the indictment of former CEO A Doosan E&C and former leader of the Seongnam City Strategic Promotion Team B for violating the Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes (Bribery) Act, the prosecution took the lead in ‘suspicious about Seongnam FC . sponsorship’, as planned.

According to the indictment, the prosecution planned to raise an annual operating capital of 15 billion won after taking over Seongnam Ilhwa in December 2013, when Lee was mayor, through the city’s budget of 7 billion won, he gained corporate funds of 5 billion, and a general public offering of 3 billion won. In the case of public offerings, it was found that only 800 million was won and secured in two public tenders in 2014.

President Lee, who was concerned about a political backlash when the city’s budget was organized in addition, failed to secure enough money even through a general public offering. The prosecution believes that the motive for the crime was to contact company with ongoing issues and find a way to get support for Seongnam FC’s operating funds.

Prosecutors said CEO Lee had a media interview at the time of the acquisition of Seongnam Ilhwa (‘I’m a politician.

Of course, political interests are taken into account.

Seeing Lee Jae-myung running the Seongnam club well, he is a talented person.

I can take on a bigger role.

Hearing such voices is ultimately the political gain I am aiming for.”)

◇ “Lee Jae-myung’s ‘Review of profit recovery plan’ instruction map”
The prosecution’s indictment also describes the process for Seongnam FC to receive support from Doosan E&C and the relevant instructions of CEO Lee.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, Doosan E&C, which has faced a liquidity crisis since 2010, had to raise money by selling various assets.

In addition, since 2011, since 2011, more than 100 million won has been forced every year, in order to encourage the change of use, city officials such as Jeong Jin-sang, who was then the head of the policy office, were asked the city, the head of the political affairs coordination office of the Democratic Party, to change the use, and in September 2014, Send an official letter requesting the reorganization of the related urban management plan.

Accordingly, the city asked Doosan Group to sponsor Seongnam FC in exchange for a change of use of the Jeongja-dong site and an increase in floor area ratio (250% → 960%), and the prosecution concluded that Doosan Group had accept the request.

In the process, CEO Lee realized that it was illegal to receive operating funds in cash in exchange for a change in the use of the Jeongja-dong site and an increase in the floor area ratio around November 2014. The prosecution said in the indictment that he stated directly in the report, “the wind,” and instructed the public officer in charge to secure the maximum profit from Doosan E&C in exchange for a change of use, etc.

After that, city officials asked Doosan E&C to set a 15% ratio for donations in exchange for changing the use of the Jeongja-dong site and raising the floor area ratio. The city and Doosan E&C are said to have signed an agreement with this content .

In addition, the prosecution changed the chairman of the remuneration review committee, which examines the payment of bonuses, from the CEO of Seongnam FC to the director of Seongnam City by establishing a ‘revenue increasing performance plan’ which allows CEO Lee to pay bonuses for Seongnam FC Employees during this period It is believed that he was instructed to reflect the content after being written by hand.

The prosecution wrote in the conclusion of the indictment that this series of crimes were committed by CEO Lee, CEO Jeong, and former Seongnam City Strategic Promotion Team Leader B in a conspiracy.

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