Prosecutors are looking for ‘virtual money’ on suspicion of embezzling control of Bithumb affiliates

The former chairman of the board of directors of Bithumb Holdings and Korea, the aunt of the virtual currency exchange Bithumb, which was identified on charges of fraud worth 100 billion won, attends the trial of the first trial held at the Central District Court in Seocho -gu, Seoul on the 4th. In October 2018, Lee proposed to BK Group Chairman Kim Mo to acquire Bithumb, tricking him into issuing a so-called ‘Bithumb Coin’ (BXA) and listing it on Bithumb, and is accused of stealing approx. 112 billion earned as down payment. [사진=연합뉴스]

Prosecutors have launched a search and seizure of Bithumb-related companies such as Inbiogen and Vident in connection with the alleged embezzlement of the largest shareholder and the management of the virtual asset exchange ‘Bithumb’.

According to the legal community on the 7th, the Financial Investigation Division of the South Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office 2 (Chief Prosecutor Chae Hee-man) sent prosecutors and investigators to Inbiogen, Vident, and Bucket Studio on the same day to conduct a search and seizure. Bithumb is known to be exempt from the search and seizure target.

Vident, a KOSDAQ-listed company, is Bithumb’s single largest shareholder with a 34.22% stake in Bithumb Holdings. The CEO of Inbiogen and Bucket Studio is called Kang Ji-yeon, the younger brother of Kang Jong-hyeon, who was recently rumored to be dating actor Park Min-young.

Bithumb said in a statement on the 30th of last month, “Since its establishment, we have never held the title of chairman except for former Chairman Kim, and there is no fact that Mr. ” He denied any ties to Kang Jong -hyun.

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