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There is a lot to look forward to after October’s new free PS Plus games scheduled for next week. While we still await the announcement, it won’t be long before we find out what new titles will be added to the roster next month. There will be plenty of predictions on PS4 for fans ahead of the big reveal, and you can bet first-party exclusives will be among them.

Days Gone looks like a great candidate for inclusion, but we’ll have to wait for official information from Sony before planning its game lineup for October.

The tech giant could no doubt use a great title to show off after the news that Doom Eternal is rolling out on Xbox Game Pass.

And it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that more big Bethesda titles are queuing up for service in the coming weeks.

When it comes to the actual reveal date, Sony has become less predictable lately.

We expected the news to be shared on the last Wednesday of the month, but we may hear more on PS Plus October 2020 sooner.

If Sony sticks to their previous schedule, we would expect the news to be shared on September 30, 2020, followed by live games on October 6.

For those waiting for something different to try, a great PS4 game has just gone free-to-play across all platforms.

Epic Games has confirmed that Rocket League is now available for download at no additional cost.

Rocket League can be found on the PlayStation Store and still boasts the cross-play features of the past.

The best part of the whole deal is that you no longer need a PlayStation Plus membership to play online.

And for those preparing to download Rocket League for the first time, there is a special event currently live on the servers.

“Get ready to board the Battle Bus because Llama-Rama is on its way! The first in-game Rocket League event since the launch of free to play will be live this Saturday September 26th at 3pm PDT (10pm UTC) until 12 October.

“Starting with Llama-Rama, in-game events will be slightly different from what you may be used to. To unlock event items, you will need to complete Event Challenges.

“Each event challenge you complete will grant you a specific event item once you claim it from the Challenges menu. Complete them all to unlock Rocket League’s newest car, the Battle Bus! Check out the elements in the presentation below!

“We hope you enjoy Llama-Rama and all its items on September 26th. Get ready to assemble your team and join. Good luck and have fun.”

Here are the games currently available for download on PS4 until October 5th:

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Parachute into a treacherous battlefield with only your wits to protect yourself, as you loot equipment and defeat your enemies in a fierce battle royale. Build the ultimate soldier from scratch and test your mettle against up to 99 other players across multiple unique maps. Only one life. Only one shot to win per game. Unleash chaos on your own or take on a squad match of up to four players to increase your chances of survival and glory.

Street Fighter V – New competitors and iconic warriors of the world face off in Street Fighter V, the fierce fighter from Capcom and the latest addition to the legendary Street Fighter series! Hone your skills in a variety of single player modes, then prove you have what it takes to beat the best fighters in the world in online matches!

Additionally, we will start PS4 Street Fighter V tournaments starting September 4 in the US and Canada. These events will offer eligible fighters of all skill levels in those regions the opportunity to compete for cash prizes, a unique PS4 theme and a custom game title.

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