PSG Talon shocked LGD Gaming in the play-in phase of the 2020 World Cup

PSG Talon has delivered one of the brightest demonstrations of the underdog spirit that the League of Legends The world championship has never been seen today.

The second seed of the Pacific Championship Series easily sent China’s fourth best team, LGD Gaming, into the second game of the 2020 World Cup play-in stage, despite having to play with multiple substitutions due to visa-related issues. One of the subs is long-time retired player Dee, who now coaches Machi Esports, the PCS’s first leading team, and barely plays himself.

The key to this win for PSG was to play the same way they would play PCS and try to draw comfort choices for their subs so they have less to focus on in the game.

PSG is famous for its slow and methodical style of play. Back home in the regional championship, PSG’s special is to stay behind in the lane, do nothing for 30 minutes and win a decisive team match in 40 minutes. But now with Chinese-speaking players in every position, the team seems to have found the kind of coordination needed to win these late-game team fights more often than not.

This kind of coordination which is not at all typical of PSG when their Korean players River and Tank are in formation has started to raise doubts that these visa issues may have really been a big plus for PSG’s chances of getting to the stage. in groups of the World Cup. . Kongyue is the MVP of PCs, after all.

PSG was fortunate, however, that LGD didn’t force an aggressive pace like most LPL teams are famous for. Instead, PSG relied on the repeated wombo combo of ultimates between their Orianna, Rakan and Ornn to secure streak wins in a team match after being left alone to farm early in the game.

The two substitutes who were loaned by PCS ‘other team AHQ Esports, Kongyue and Uniboy, were outstanding players in PSG’s upset victory over LGD. Both players became immortal and contributed 10 of the 17 kills between just the two of them.

But the match story was about PSG’s golden boy Kaiwing, who will surely have all eyes on him as he progresses through the tournament after playing beautifully on Rakan, one of his signature engagement-style supports. Kaiwing also remained deathless against LGD, but was able to win the best of matches thanks to his flawless 100% participation.

PSG Talon are now 2-0 in their group in the World Cup play-in phase. This means they can’t place themselves at the bottom of their group, so at least they’ll get to the gauntlet for a second point shot to get out of their group, if they don’t keep taking the first suit.

This match also briefly established a new record of gaming spectators in the world peaking over 1.02 million concurrent viewers, according to the analytics service Esports Charts. The record was quickly replaced from the viewers of the game that directly follows this, however.

It appears that the frenzy of excitement that is Worlds has reached an all-time high during the cursed year of 2020. The Worlds play-in phase continues tomorrow, September 26, at 3:00 CT.

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