“Putin is a fool” Russian soldiers tell the truth about war over the phone

The New York Times reveals data obtained from intercepted phone calls of Russian soldiers

“I also shoot and kill civilians” admitted to the massacre of civilians

“Is it good for LG or Samsung?” Worried about choosing a TV to loot

Civilian victims from Bucha City, Ukraine

[연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jong-seok Yoon = “Civilians? We killed them all. If we let them go, our location will be discovered and there will be no food to give anyway. “

“I’m considering getting a TV… Is LG or Samsung better?” “How are you going to get it?” “Well, I’ll have to think about it. The other kids got a bed-sized bed.”

“Occupy Kiiu? Putin is an idiot. We have no way to do that.”

At the beginning of the Ukraine War, the Russian army advanced to the capital of Kiiu, but when the Ukrainian army faced resistance and logistical problems, they established a position in the satellite city of Bucha in the northern part of Kiiu and stayed there for several months.

The New York Times (NYT) reported that Russian soldiers at the time made secret calls to their families, lovers, and friends in their home countries in the trenches to tell them about their war crimes, disillusionment with the war , and dissatisfaction. with the government. There were thousands of cases reported on the 28th (local time).

Soldiers may have thought they had managed to speak secretly to family and friends while avoiding their superiors, but the conversation was being recorded by the Ukrainian intelligence service.

The New York Times said it had data from Russian soldiers’ phone calls and phone numbers and social media cross-checked for nearly two months to verify their authenticity.

A soldier named Nikita told his girlfriend, “There are bodies on this street.” Then, the lover asked, surprised, “Is (the body) on the street?”

In a phone call with a friend, he said the soldiers were raiding. He said, “They steal everything. They found and ate everything they could find, and took all the money. They (soldiers) all do this,” he said.

A soldier earnestly asked his girlfriend which LG or Samsung TVs he found in a home in Ukraine would be brought home.

When my boyfriend asked how he was going to get it, he replied, “Well, I’ll have to think about it.”

“Others brought a TV the size of a bed,” he added.

Another soldier said he was driving a Japanese Kawasaki motorcycle and had laughed with the woman over the receiver.

Some soldiers complained to the military authorities, saying they thought they were going for training on the phone with their families and were taken to the battlefield in Ukraine.

Soldier Alexei told his girlfriend, “The boss said we were going to train. These bastards didn’t tell us anything.”

The body of a civilian found in the city of Bucha
The body of a civilian found in the city of Bucha

[연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB금지]

Some soldiers admitted that they were only informed a day before they left for the battlefield.

The soldiers also vented their resentment against President Vladimir Putin and the military commander for sending them to the battlefield without giving them the right equipment. If he had said this in his home country, he would have been taken to the police, the New York Times reported.

Ilya asked her boyfriend what Putin had to say about the war. When he heard Putin’s explanation that ‘everything is going according to plan,’ he said, “You are making a big mistake.”

Alexander criticized Putin, saying, “Putin is an idiot. He wants to take Kiiu, but there is no way to do it.”

“Mom, this is the stupidest decision Russia has ever made,” Sergei said in a phone call with his mother.

When someone asked, “Are the soldiers throwing away all their equipment?”, a soldier complained, “Everything used here is out of date.

The New York Times evaluated that the low morale and the lack of equipment revealed in their comments suggested the reason for the recent retreat of the Russian army from the Eastern Front.

In a phone call with the soldiers, some residents of the border reported that coffins containing the bodies of the dead soldiers were arriving one after the other. The soldiers replied that more and more coffins would continue to arrive.

The soldiers’ covert calls contained content that occasionally admitted to the massacre of civilians that soon shocked the world.

Sergei told his girlfriend that he captured civilians, stripped them, and shot and killed them in the forest. They did so because when they let them go, they could hand over their positions to the enemy.

When his girlfriend asked, “Did you shoot people too?” Sergei replied, “Of course you did.”

When asked why they had not taken them captive, he replied, “To do that, we have to feed them, but we don’t have enough.”

A few weeks after talking to his girlfriend, Sergei told his mother, “I went to the forest near the headquarters and saw a pile of bodies in civilian clothes.

However, even in such a dire situation, some soldiers complained that they had to persevere and stay on the battlefield.

The combat allowance they receive is $53 a day (about 76,000 won), which is three times higher than the average wages of soldiers in their hometowns.

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