Putin lost key points to Ukraine the day after the annexation declaration… Should I use a ‘nuclear card’?

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Ukraine has recaptured Donetsk Liman, a key point on the Eastern Front, where Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the annexation of occupied territories.

Tensions in the international community are growing over the possibility that President Putin will use a tactical nuclear weapon in an attempt to reverse the war, as Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered the loss of a key logistical city just a day after he announced that he would ” defend at all costs.”

According to foreign media such as Reuters and the New York Times (NYT), Ukrainian forces managed to retake Limansi in eastern Donetsk on the 1st (local time). “We have entered the city of Lehman,” said Serhi Cherevati, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Eastern Army. The Office of the President of Ukraine posted a video of Ukrainian soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag outside the city council building in downtown Lehman.

The Russians also admitted that they had retreated from Lehman. The Russian Defense Ministry said the area had retreated to a better position after being surrounded by Ukrainian forces.

Lehman is a key strategic point on the road from Donetsk to Luhansk in the east, and the Russian military has used it as a logistical base for the attack on the Donbas region (Donetsk + Luhansk).

Reuters said the recovery by the Ukrainian army was the ‘biggest crime’ since a counter-attack in the northwestern Kharkiv region last month. Ukrainian forces also retook Torske, a small town on the highway that goes east from Lehman.

In this regard, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he would continue to advance in Donbas. “Last week, the number of Ukrainian flags increased in the Donbas region,” Zelensky said in a video address.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the recovery of Lehman by the Ukrainian military was “a very important step forward.” It will be done,” he predicted.

Ukrainian forces announce recovery at Lehman on January.  random news Ukrainian forces announce recovery at Lehman on January. random news
Meanwhile, Germany, which had been reluctant to support Ukraine, sent its defense minister to southern Odessa. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht visited Odessa on the 1st and met with Ukrainian Defense Minister Olexi Rezhnikov. So far Ukraine has asked Germany to support Leopard tanks, but Germany has not responded due to fears that it would escalate. Amidst this, there are speculations that the possibility of maintaining tanks has increased as the German defense minister visited Ukraine for the first time since the war. “We will keep up with our allies to assist Ukraine,” Lambrecht said.

As the war escalated, civilian casualties continued. On the 1st, a train of evacuees passing through a road in Kupiansk near Kharkiv was bombed, killing 24 people, including 13 children.

In relation to Lehman’s withdrawal, foreign media criticized Putin as very disgraceful. On the 30th of last month, just a day after the Donbas, Laforisa and Kherson regions were declared, Lehman, which is considered a strategic strategic point among Donbas, was taken away.

The New York Times analyzed the event as an evaluation that Putin is moving closer to the nuclear threat. After the annexation of the Russian Federation, Putin declared that these areas became Russian territory and that he would do everything possible to protect them. All of these methods involve nuclear weapons.

There are also voices around Putin calling for the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Autonomous Republic, the head of the Chechen Autonomous Republic, a member of the Russian army fighting in the Ukraine war, criticized the withdrawal of the Russian army from Lehman through a telegram channel and said, “More strict measures should be taken such as the use of low-power nuclear weapons.” it is claimed. Russia is said to have over 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons.

The New York Times reported that while no trend has been seen so far for President Putin to use nuclear weapons, concerns about his use of tactical nuclear weapons to quell internal discontent over successive defeats and conscription orders are growing compared to the start of the war . Tactical nukes contain weapons that are very small and less lethal, unlike those carried on intercontinental ballistic missiles, and some are small enough to fit in personal firearms, reported the New York Times. Some Russian military experts are said to be proposing dropping tactical nuclear weapons in remote areas such as the Black Sea or even using them in Ukrainian military bases.

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