Putin signs agreement on annexation of four occupied territories in Ukraine… Comprehensive defense of Russian territory

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially signed an agreement annexing four occupied territories of Ukraine on the 30th (local time). /photo = Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially signed an agreement annexing the four occupied territories of Ukraine, saying, “Russia has four new territories”.

“Russia will use all means to defend its territory,” Putin said in a speech in the Kremlin before signing the annexation agreement with the four occupied territories in Ukraine.

Russia will annex four regions in Ukraine: Eastern Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Lugansk (Ukrainian name Luhansk) People’s Republic (LPR), southern Zaporiza Oblast and Kherson Oblast.

According to reports, the area occupied by these territories is about 90,000 square kilometers, about 15% of the total territory of Ukraine and equal to all of Portugal.

These four regions decided to unite with Russia by referendum for five days on the 23rd and 27th with a vote of 87-99% in favor of each region.

In response, Putin said, “It is in accordance with the right to self-determination guaranteed in the United Nations Charter.”

He urged Ukraine, “Russia is not going back to the Soviet Union. We are ready for dialogue. We must stop military action immediately and return to the negotiating table.”

In his speech, Putin placed great emphasis on condemning the United States and the West.

“The West is leading a hybrid war against Russia,” he said. “He’s trying to colonize Russia.”

“The Western elite are, as always, colonialists,” he said.

In this regard, he said, “The United States occupies Germany, Korea, and Japan, but it is said to be an equal relationship.”

Regarding the recent damage to the Baltic gas pipeline and gas leak, he claimed that “Anglo-Saxon countries blew it up.”

After the speech, Putin signed the territorial annexation agreement, and legal procedures such as House and Senate confirmation and the president’s final signature will be followed.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and the West have defined referendums as ‘fake votes’ and are pushing for additional sanctions against Russia.

Reporter Lee Bo-bae, Hankyung.com [email protected]

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