Putin’s autumn conscription order of 120,000… Ministry of Defense: “It has nothing to do with war”

A serious military shortage in the eighth month of the war… Dissatisfaction with the mobilization order is also spreading.

Putin speaks on the annexation of occupied Ukraine and the residents of Luhansk watch

Luhansk EPA (Reuters) – Residents listen to Russian President Putin’s annexation speech on a big screen in downtown Luhansk on the 30th (local time). 2022.9.30 [email protected]

ISTANBUL (Yonhap News) Correspondent Cho Seong-heum = Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a presidential decree requiring the start of a regular autumn conscription of 120,000 men, TASS, Reuters reported on the 30th (local time).

According to reports, the draft will start on November 1, a month later than usual, and will last until December 31.

The subjects involved are males aged 18-27 who are not in the reserve army but are eligible for active duty service, and the total number is 120,000.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the fall draft had nothing to do with ‘special military operations’ and was a normal draft operation. ‘Special military operation’ is the official Russian expression for the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia maintains a conscription system like Korea, and Russian men between the ages of 18 and 27 are legally required to serve in the army for one year. If you receive higher education at a university, etc., you must receive training commensurate with your service.

Russia is suffering from a severe military shortage as the invasion of Ukraine enters its eighth month.

According to government statistics, the number of deaths is around 6,000, but in the West, the number of deaths is estimated to be well over 50,000.

On the 21st, President Putin issued a partial mobilization order for the reserve forces to defend Russia’s sovereignty and territory.

The Russian Defense Ministry said about 300,000 of the 25 million reservists would be subject to conscription.

It is estimated that at least 200,000 Russians left their country after the mobilization order was issued. In addition, cases of indiscriminate removal of the elderly and disabled who are unable or exempt from military service have been confirmed one after another, and complaints about the mobilization order are increasing.

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