Putin’s nuclear threat… The US is strengthening intelligence gathering and trend monitoring on Russia

Mobilizing additional intelligence assets and strengthening reliance on commercial satellites… flying reconnaissance aircraft

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine, had indirectly threatened to use nuclear weapons.

In particular, the United States is mobilizing additional intelligence assets held by its own allies and relying more on commercial satellites to analyze Russian forces that may be directed to use nuclear weapons on the battlefield, a government official said. United States reported on the 27th (local time).

“We are watching more closely,” the official, who has access to information about Russia’s nuclear weapons capabilities and strategy, told the media.

The United States is also focusing on Kalingrad, a Russian territory located between Poland and Lithuania.

Russia has opened missile storage facilities in the region over the past few years, raising concerns that it could increase its nuclear weapons stockpile.

Kalingrad also has dual-purpose weapon systems and supersonic missiles installed, the report said.

In this regard, on the flight path tracking site, a reconnaissance aircraft R-135 (joint rivet) of the United States Air Force was also caught collecting information while circling over Kalingrad several times.

However, the United States believes that it may be difficult to recognize in advance Russian instructions to use nuclear weapons even with such increased surveillance.

Most Russian fighters can carry tactical nuclear weapons along with conventional weapons, which makes it possible to replace conventional weapons with nuclear weapons without being exposed to the outside world.

Earlier, in his recent military mobilization order, Putin indirectly hinted that he would not rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons, saying, “I will use all available means to defend Russia, and this is not an accusation. “

Should Russia’s annexes occupy Ukraine through a formal referendum, the United States will view Ukraine’s efforts to reclaim the region as a territorial attack on Russia and respond accordingly.

Accordingly, the United States has issued a stern warning to Russia of the consequences of using nuclear weapons, either directly or indirectly, and is strengthening surveillance of Russia’s movements.

“We do our best to monitor Russia’s strategic posture,” said John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator.

But there is no indication that this needs to be done at the moment.”

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