Queen Magrethe II of Denmark abducts her four grandchildren in hopes of killing herself

File photo of Queen Magrethe II of the Danish Royal Family (Reuters)

Queen Magrethe II of Denmark abducts her four grandchildren in hopes of killing herself

The Guardian reported on September 29, citing the Danish Royal Household as declaring that Queen Magrethe II of Denmark, Europe’s longest-reigning head of state. His rank “Prince-Princess” was removed from the grandchild (grandchildren) in it, including 4 of the total of 8, with the wish that the 4 grandchildren, namely the sons ​​​​​​​​and daughters of Prince Joachim The youngest son of the Queen Magrethe II to live his own life and transform in the same way as other royal families. in Europe that has reduced the size of the royal family

In a statement released by the Danish Royal Household on Wednesday (September 28), it said that Prince Joachim’s descendants from January 1, 2023. Only the Count Monpesat and Countess positions can be used. The rank of Prince and Princess of Denmark will cease.

The Royal Household Office also said that Queen Magrethe II wanted the four grandsons to be able to live their lives without being restricted by formal obligations relating to the royal family.

“The Queen’s decision Consistent with the changes that occurred similar to those of other dynasties It was carried out in recent years in different ways,” the Bureau said.

Prince Joachim, 53, has four sons and a daughter from two marriages, including Prince Nikolai. Prince Felix Prince Henrik and Princess Athena are between 23 and 10 years old

while Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg Consort of Prince Joachim told the Danish media that He was shocked by the decision. Which was unexpected, and that the children felt left out. They could not find out why their identity was taken.

About four other grandchildren of Queen Magrethe II, born in Prince Frederick. The Crown Prince of Denmark, aged 54, will continue to hold the title.

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