Quick crowd appointment! Running out of patience, ‘Prayut’ can go ahead See you at the Pathumwan intersection. Invite you to wear black to mourn for 7 days.

Quick crowd appointment! Running out of patience, ‘Prayut’ can go ahead See you at the Pathumwan intersection. An invitation to wear black throughout the country for 7 days to mourn the political system and the future of Thai society.

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On September 30, 65 left Constitutional Court It has a majority vote of 6 to 3 that the Prime Minister of General Prayut Chan-ocha It’s not over Because the 8 year period is under Article 158, paragraph four of the Constitution must start from the date the 2017 Constitution comes into force.

Therefore, from the date of April 6, 2017, when the 2017 Constitution came into force until August 24, 2022, the position of Gen. Prayut as Prime Minister Therefore, the period of 8 years has not yet expired under section 158 paragraph four of the Constitution.

group Thammasat Coalition and Assembly – Thammasat United Front and Demonstration Posted a message via Facebook stating that Running out of patience, went to Pathumwan intersection now. No Prime Minister Prayut

while the atmosphere of the assembly Reporters reported, at the intersection of Skywalk, Pathumwan, the people’s group, together with the Thaw Fa group, the Thammasat Coalition and the assembly. , Labor Network for People’s Rights and the group We volunteer (WEVO).

to express his disapproval of the Prime Minister’s status Prayut Chan-o-cha We, the people, would like to invite all Thai people, who are against authoritarian regimes, of all ages, states, and beliefs together. “Wear all black uniforms in the country for a week Between October 1, 2022 and October 7, 2022 Fto pay tribute to the political system and the future of Thai society under the control of this thief prime minister and express in unison together to confirm that Not even a square inch in Thailand accepts this authoritarian elite regime.

Then the leaders and all the people raised three fingers. and said at the same time ‘Dictator ends Pracharat Chongcharoen 3 times and ‘Prayut leave’ 3 times.

side Thatchapong Mr Announcing that at 4 pm, let people who have the same opinion that they are unacceptable to the decision of the Constitutional Court come together. And where will the assembly be announced tomorrow? If there is a collision, it must collide. If there is a change, it must be changed.

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