“Rage Thanin” advocates the idea that people will be prosperous. successful There must be 3 elements in life.

On October 3, 65, the We are CP Facebook page posted a message stating that …

Senior President Thanin Chearavanont suggested that people who are prosperous and successful must have 3 elements in life: thanks, reward, and know how to give. “Know how to forgive” “Know how to sacrifice” “Know the downside”

Recently, Senior Chairman Thanin Chearavanont chaired the 39th subsequent meeting, which was caused by the synergies of the five companies in the group, including CPF, CP, All True, Makro and lotus with the objective for the synergy of each of’ the five agencies exchange learning experiences together and it is a platform for solving problems together. organize in an online format At this meeting, the senior president reinforced the issue of gratitude. In order to be prosperous and successful, he said there must be 3 key elements: thank you, give back, and know how to give, along with announcing that the CEOs of each business group give thanks to their employees. by having to “know forgiveness” “know how to sacrifice” “know disadvantage”

Charoen Pokphand Group believes in the value of gratitude. Which is the foundation of business operations, causing the group to grow to this day, more than 100 years old But Eastern culture still has a story of gratitude. and know how to reward loyalty to the king It is considered as a return to the country and gratitude to the nation. Including having to be grateful and give back to your parents as a foundation.”

In addition, the senior president further said that To be prosperous and successful, there must be three elements in life: being grateful. know how to thank and you must know others because the more you give the more will be returned. who is to have a lot He can give you things, money, respect, thought and encouragement. For employees to be grateful, the company must “give” first, give them a chance, give them power, support them to move forward, and give them the future, that is, they must give first, their get later, also as instill in employees to “know forgiveness”, “know how to sacrifice”, “know disadvantage” This is the duty of the CEO, COO, and all the leaders.

Thanks for info/photo: Facebook page We are CP

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