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Atlas Ramachandran’s last wish was the same as the lyrics of the song where he played the role of ‘Kot Nambir’ in the film Arabikatha, ‘The village longs to hear the news that I am returning and I am too long to return to the coast ‘. He should return to his home town Thrissur and live peacefully. He had shared his desire to return to his homeland soon after completing all the legal procedures with his close friends.

But the boat of life is nowhere near that shore. The cultural and friendly circle of Thrissur has traveled a lot with Ramachandran. One of them is Aksharshloka Sadas revived by Ramachandran. A revival of the defunct Aksharshloka competition, in memory of father Kamalakara Menon, a scholar of hymns. Aksharshlokasadas were held at Sahitya Akademi Hall and Pooram Prahannagari. Ramachandran will be one of the contestants who come from different areas to keep all the hustle and bustle aside.

The winners were presented with gold coins and returned abroad. He was born in a family home in Muthetada, Madhukara, near Pavaratti. He graduated from Varma College Thrissur Kerala. His wife’s house was in Chetupuzha near Ayanthol. While giving jobs to the residents of Thrissur in his own company, Ramachandran would impose a condition – ‘Leave should not be asked to go to the country for Onam, Vishu, Easter and Ramzan celebrations. But for Thrissur Pooram, you have to go to the country.

If possible, two other nationals should be included’. He breathed the warmth and celebration of his hometown. Ramachandran also brought his friends from Arab countries along to show him the completeness. Thus Ramachandran stood till his last breath as a loyal servant of his native land as the trademark phrase ‘faithful organization of millions’.

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