Rating board leak presents fans with bizarre facts!

With a new one GTA leak many scratch themselves Fans the series on the head! The Pan European Game Information Rating Board, better known as PEGI, recently reviewed two Grand Theft Auto games. How so?

GTA 5 was released in 2013 and was a great success. Thanks to the popularity of GTA Online, which is updated regularly until today Rockstar Games a constant source of income. The developer’s game output has slowed significantly after the game’s release. Since then, only one other developer’s title has been released, the Open World Western Red Dead Redemption 2. Most leaks and rumors related to Rock star surfacing usually revolve around the possible publication of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is why the rating of these two games is so strange.

PEGI is testing two GTA games

The description of the games definitely indicates that they are the original Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 released for the original PlayStation, and not simply the wrong games under the wrong title. The first game got a PEGI 16 rating, while the second got a more sophisticated PEGI 18 rating. Although both games have received very legitimate reviews Rockstar Games nothing about a possible republication or a remaster of the GTA– games said. Still can PEGI do not rate anything that does not exist, so this leak may be credible outside of the release date and platform.

The choice of platform does not clarify either, since both games are said to be based on the PlayStation 3 control. Even stranger is the supposed release date of April 30th, which has already come and gone. The release date may just be a placeholder since a lot of game release dates have shifted lately, but the platform stated is absolutely the most confusing aspect of this leak. The PS3 has been retired for a long time and even the PS4 is on its last legs there PS5 is scheduled to be released later this year. Would you like that Fans the popular game series?

Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 2 for PlayStation 3? - Source:

Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 2 for PlayStation 3? – Source:

Despite PS4 and upcoming PS5: the PS3 lives on (somehow)

The PlayStation 3 is thanks to the PlayStation Now streaming service still used by Sony and these two classic games could end up there. Nothing is released for the system anymore, however Grand Theft Auto is a big name that could definitely be used to replenish the library of a streaming service like PlayStation Now. Unfortunately, the games could not be downloaded due to platform restrictions on the service, but it would be a big win for Sony if they were playable in any way, even if they were streamed, especially given the groundbreaking success of the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, every new release of Grand Theft Auto makes waiting easier GTA 6 considerably. This is practically the only way this leak makes sense unless the platform and release dates are both inaccurate and the game will be released on newer consoles at a later date.

GTA 5 - Screenshot - (C) Rockstar Games

GTA 5 was a huge success for Rockstar Games. But when are we surprised with GTA 6? – (C) Take 2

However, it can be disappointing for some if the games are only available through streaming on PlayStation Now. The previous Grand Theft Auto games are never loved enough and therefore are usually not ported to other platforms. Remastering or republishing on PS4 or Xbox One would be a much better solution, but PlayStation Now is better than nothing.

For a sequel to GTA 5 not a week goes by, where an insider doesn’t unpack his knowledge. Unfortunately, any announcement of the game has so far been nonsense and Fans to lead someone astray. But one thing is certain: the sixth main entry in the game series would be the perfect chance to start GTA Online again.

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