Red Bull F1 leader “Honda will be proud if you decide the title in Suzuka”[]

Red Bull F1 motorsport adviser Helmut Marko says the team will not be packing ‘world champion’ Max Verstappen’s T-shirt for this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Numerically, Max Verstappen may win the driver’s title for the second year in a row at this weekend’s Singapore F1 GP, but in addition to winning it is a prerequisite that, if the fastest lap is involved, the Charles Leclerc’s competitors finished 8th or 9th or lower.

“No, I can’t wait any longer,” Helmut Marko told Osterreich.

“Max has to win and Leclerc has to fall far behind. It’s unlikely.”

In fact, Helmut Marko said that Max Verstappen would actually be happier if he could have won again in Japan a week later.

“It’s very likely, and our engine partner Honda will be happy with it,” smiled Helmut Marko.

He told Austrian broadcaster ORF: “But in general, we can assume that Max will become world champion. It’s just a matter of when.”

“Compared to last year, it’s an incredibly fun feeling. Max also said he didn’t want to repeat the last six or eight races with Lewis Hamilton in 2021.

“It’s a very comfortable feeling compared to last year. Max also said that he doesn’t want to repeat the last six to eight races with Lewis Hamilton in 2021.

However, early in the season, the battle between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc appeared to be settled.

“After three races we were 46 points behind,” said Helmut Marko.

“This was mainly due to the machine being overweight.”

“The first failure was due to the weight savings. The second was due to the excess weight, which in the first place caused the car to push up on the front axle.”
“After that, we introduced a series of weight loss programs of around 2-3 kilograms per race. There was also a bold development program.”

Some insiders believe the direction of the 2022 car’s development is why Max Verstappen’s team-mate Sergio Perez is struggling to keep up.

On the subject, Helmut Marko said: “The improvements were mainly about the front end of the car. Max really needs a car with a front that bites. What happens at the back doesn’t interest him really,” he explained.

“Our car got better and better while Ferrari had technical problems and driving mistakes, and over time the deficit became a comfortable lead for us.”

Max Verstappen, who turns 25 on Friday, is under contract with Red Bull until 2028 and could build a long-term dominance, with Verstappen beating Lewis Hamilton to claim eight drivers’ titles. .

When asked, Helmut Marko said: “A season like this will hardly be repeated.”

“If Mercedes comes out with a competitive car next year, things will become even more difficult.”

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