Red Bull F1 rep denies going over budget limit “presentation is below limit”[]

Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner says Red Bull Racing should not breach F1’s budget cap in 2021.

Reports emerged on Friday suggesting that Red Bull Racing has exceeded the $145 million budget cap it must adhere to for the 2021 season.

Aston Martin was the second team named for alleged infringements.

F1 teams submitted their accounts to the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) six months ago, and next week the FIA ​​is due to declare each team’s certificate, confirming that it operates within the new financial rules available

Penalties for going over the budget cap can range from fines to expulsion from the championship, but Christian Horner has told Sky F1 that Red Bull Racing has never spent illegally in 2021. He said he is confident.

“We are certainly not aware of any violations,” Horner said.

“Accounts were submitted in March. It has been a long process with the FIA.”

“We are in that process as we speak. They have followed that process correctly and I think next week is the time to declare those certificates.”

“What we have introduced is under the cap. It is up to the FIA ​​to follow the process. Now they are doing it.”

Christian Horner suggested that the new nature of the budget cap would be the first obstacle before the system is worked out in the coming seasons.

“Inevitably it’s a whole new set of rules, a very complex set of rules. How the rules are interpreted and applied will be subjective between the teams. I’m sure things will sort themselves out as time goes on.”

“We are confident in our submissions. The FIA ​​is underway. There are always rumours. I have heard of huge cuts and such, but I am not aware of any of that.”

Christian Horner added that the FIA ​​even clarified its budget cap after Red Bull Racing presented its financial results earlier this year.

“This is the first time anything like this has happened. We are doing due diligence, but we are being audited anyway. This is working with the audit and it is a similar process.”

“It’s rather purposeful for F1. Even after presentations are made, there is an explanation.”

“You can see how immature the process is, but the FIA ​​is working hard on it and doing the best they can.”

“Theoretically, every team would be affected. They would have looked at every team account that was submitted.”

“They have followed the process and the date of their collection has been changed from July to September and now to October.”

“It is a big job and they have a lot to work through. We are confident in our achievements, so apart from that we will wait to hear from the FIA.”

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