Regarding the result of the 2023 season J1 club license award by the decision of the first case of club licensing (FIB):

September 27, 2022 (fire) 17:15

About the result of the award of the club license J1 season 2023 according to the decision of the first case body of the club license grant (FIB).

We are pleased to inform you that the J1 club license for the 2023 season has been decided as follows.

The J.League has been entrusted with the establishment and operation of the club licensing system in Japan by the JFA, and operates the J1 club licensing system as a licensing agency (licensor) in Japan, issuing J1 club licenses to clubs J. To be done. In addition, although J1 club license grant decisions are made by a third party organisation, the first issuing club license (FIB), in order to ensure the independence of the FIB, FIB members are J.League directors and Auditor members, Japan Football Association (JFA) director/auditor/advisor, J.League or JFA expert committee members are not allowed to serve at the same time.

Details of award and award results are as follows.

1 .result of judgment

(Number of clubs)

J1 club licence not delivered total
46 0 46
Sapporo, Iwate, Sendai, Akita, Yamagata, Kashima, Mito, Tochigi, Gunma, Urawa, Omiya, Chiba, Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, Tokyo V, Machida, Kawasaki F, Yokohama FM, Yokohama FC, Shonan, Kofu, Matsumoto, Niigata・Toyama・ Kanazawa, Shimizu, Iwata, Nagoya, Gifu, Kyoto, G Osaka, C Osaka, Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Ehimeokaky, Nagoya, Nagoya, Nagoka, Nagoushki

*1 From this year, only AFC club license = J1 club license, and J2 and J3 club licenses will be operated as a domestic license system. Therefore, J2 and J3 club licenses are determined by the Board of Directors.
*2 Iwate has just obtained a J1 club license by applying for an exemption to the facility standards.
(J2 club license obtained last year)

2 .Satisfaction with grade B standards in terms of the number of toilets and roof covering at the home stadium

project a number of clubs
no sanctions Benchmarks are sufficient 21
Sanction exception (60% toilet rule) 5
Sanction exemption (stadium construction/renovation) 3
with sanctions Sanctions (lack of toilets) 0
Sanction (lack of roof) 16
Sanctions (lack of toilets and roofs) 1
total 46

3. Corrective notice from managers attached to the award

a number of clubs
Notice of Correction 0
Not applicable 46
total 46

■For a J1 club licence

A J1 club license is issued to those who meet all club license criteria designated as “grade A”.
Also, if you meet the requirements for the position, you can stay or be promoted to J1 in the 2023 season.

■ Failure to meet grade B standards for the number of toilets and roof covering in the home stadium

J1 club licenses are issued even if they do not meet the standards designated as “grade B” among the J1 club license standards.
However, based on Articles 7 and 8 of the J1 Club Licensing Regulations, clubs that do not meet even one of the B grade standards (in particular the number of toilets in the home stadium and the coverage ratio of the roof) will be granted a club licence. J1. ■ Sanctions can be imposed at the same time.

The stadiums and home clubs subject to sanctions and details of the sanctions are as follows.

■ J1 Club License Inspection Overview

timetable content
December 31st to March 31st
Clubs submit 2021 earnings forecast and 2022 budget (account date closing date)
* Clubs close their accounts in December, January or March, so the closing date varies depending on the club.
【2022】 January 31 The Club Licensing Office informs clubs of the requirements to apply for a license for the 2023 season
March 31 – June 30 Club submitting financial documents such as financial statements and tax returns for 2021 (within 90 days of the deadline)
June 30th Closing date for submission of all club license application documents
May 18th to July 29th Club License Office
・Hearing survey by the evaluation team
・ Implemented in 15 clubs this season
・ Confirm and identify clubs deemed to have management problems, etc.
September 1st to September 8th Judging meeting by the FIB
・ 9 out of 10 FIB members are divided into 3 groups, each judging between 15 and 16 clubs.
September 15th With the addition of one FIB general chairman, all 10 members of the FIB finalize and decide the club’s license decision.
September 27 Publication of Club License Award Decisions

*The FIB, FE, and the Club Licensing Secretariat hold regular meetings to scrutinize the content of application documents and identify items for confirmation.

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