Reveals the clip claiming that the actor stole 15 million baht from students and threatened her mother to send a trap to attack.

The latest page, Attorney Kujai, which is Attorney Ronong’s page. An audio clip has been posted. and write a message saying “#Celebrities with familiar faces are defrauding students of 15 million!!! #fake star, students have lost tens of millions, 2nd year students, 21 years old, Burapha University, have played online games. And log in through personal Facebook. Suddenly Dara K. sent a message on Facebook that “Currently, many agencies are looking for children to send teams to compete in youth poker tournaments of the Tournament, youth poker tournaments.”

And Dara K. was persuaded to sign up as a poker player. to compete abroad There will be an application fee of 2,000 baht and an additional account statement fee of 8,000 baht to become an employee of the star company. c) and build credibility when going to compete in foreign countries

The students saw that they were already playing. So I got interested and applied and transferred 2000 and 8000 baht to Dara K. At some point, there was a video call with an open face, so it was clearly recognized that it was a celebrity who had released the news.

Later, Mr Kor informed that the money had not reached the account to transfer more money. by saying the first transfer was incomplete need to transfer money again to complete the account and withdraw money with the desire to become a poker player He believed and transferred the money again and again, many times, and Mr K said he would would get this money back when the statement was completed.

After starting to transfer more and more money, he no longer has. After transferring 1.5 So, he borrowed about a million baht of money from female friends to pay for Mr. Kor., including borrowing money from his mother and aunt. Please hand over Mr Kor to complete the statement.
and later informed Mr. K. that his friends Go open your own account for Mr. C. will be able to transfer money back directly you don’t have to go through many people One of them was a friend of a first year student who lost another 15 million baht.
Mr K. said there are many other processing fees and they will be refunded when the account is completed. with the desire to get a refund so it is necessary to find money to transfer to Mr.
He and his friend were hit by Mr. C. seriously threatening that we have been part of the gambling website Because we have a name to transfer money to a gambling account. Failure to transfer additional funds will be prosecuted according to law for counterfeiting, money laundering.
Later, their mother found out about Mom had taken her phone to recover the data until she knew the whole story. The mother therefore called to speak to Mr Kor, but instead, threatened Mr. Cor. send someone to stumble and attack. Mr. said K that there is a big black No one can do anything that Mr. C.. The mother was scared and worried, so she had to flee to another place and let her drop her studies.

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