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Review: ‘My Hero One’s Justice 2’ – A sequel that feels like an expansion

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My Hero Academia It quickly became one of the fan-favorite anime, especially since it knew how to build its characters well.

As with all hits, the work of Kohei Horikoshi it didn’t take long to make the leap to video game, and the best way to do it was with a fighting title.

At the end of 2018 they launched My Hero One’s Justice, and almost two years later a sequel arrives that takes back the best of its predecessor, although it feels more like a DLC.

A tour
in the history of My Hero Academia

The story of My Hero Academia progresses at a slower pace in anime than in sleeve, and precisely, this game is synchronized with the television version

The arc on which this title focuses ranges from the confrontation of All Might with All for One until the encounter with Overhaul, which you will have already seen if you are a fan of the series.


At this point it is necessary to point out that My Hero One’s Justice It is not so friendly to new players, as it does not offer any recap of what happened in the previous installment.

This little
detail does not represent a major problem, since it is clearly aimed at
fans of the original work.

What you didn’t see
in anime

As you can imagine, the campaign puts you in the middle of the most relevant events that occur after the fight between All for One and All Might, where you will relive various passages from anime.

The interesting,
is that in addition to following the chapters you already know, you can see what happened
from the perspective of other characters, which allows you to have more

completing each mission will reward you with pieces of equipment, which serve
to give a new personality to the heroes and villains of the game.

What is more pleasant is that these episodes have the original Japanese voices within the cinematics, which makes you feel inside an episode of the anime.

Of course
that the game goes further, and after completing it, you can even experience
events from the villains’ trench, giving a pretext to use
more characters.

A system
fighting easy to learn

My Hero One’s Justice 2 takes up the team model with three characters; however, only one will be the main one, while the rest will serve as support.

These allies can be summoned to attack an opponent, free yourself from an attack, or unleash a devastating joint move.

Not like others fighting games, this title offers a very simple handling scheme, grouping combos and special attacks into simple button combinations.


There is the option
to change this to make the game more tactical, but there is no motivation
real that takes you to do it, so it feels like something to spare.

Your objective will be to win two of three fights to define the winner, but for this you will have to make use of punches and your powerful quirks.

Rather than paying attention to timing, this title is more important to positioning, although you must be careful, as special movements can easily be blocked or canceled if you are not careful.

Overall, the combat scheme doesn’t change much from the previous installment, but the game adds options worth checking out.

Heroes and
unique villains

My Hero One’s Justice 2 gives players something they asked for from the first installment, and this is the expansion of the roster of characters.

Now you can
choose from over 40 fighters, each with their unique abilities and their
own rhythm.

In addition to
split between heroes and villains, you can choose different fighting styles
that go from the strong but slow blows, the fast ones, and even those who give
priority to ranged attacks.

The characters of the fourth season join the roster.

In this section you will find practically all the main characters shown in the anime, including curious additions such as Minoru Mineta.

They all count
with your own style and appearance, but there is the possibility to unlock
accessories that you can put on to make them look truly unique.

More than one
simple campaign

As we already mentioned, this videogame It features a campaign that aligns with the main story, but it’s not the only game mode available.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 It has commissions that will make you feel like you are inside an agency, since you can recruit various heroes

This mode is named Mission, and its operation consists of going through a circuit of confrontations where you will have to advance little by little.


To do it
more interesting, you will have to survive without healing at the end of the encounters,
saved by a few exceptions.

Finish with
Success each circuit will reward you with points that you can use to hire
more heroes, and believe me, you will need them.

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To be precise, it works as a kind of survival, which is very funny, although we think it could be better.

The next way is the Arcadian, where, depending on your character, you will have to go through a fighting circuit.

truly salvageable here is that there are interactions between fighters,
which can be very funny.

My Hero-Ones-Interaction

Not everything is
for a player

It was expected that they would include modes multiplayer, which can be exploited locally or online.

In battle
free players can customize their encounters, including the number of
participants and rules.

The options don’t
They are as wide as in other titles, but they serve to give variety to the

The mode
Online multiplayer is also present, so your competitive spirit
will have room to unwind.

A sequel
that feels like DLC

Although he tries to find his own personality, My Hero One’s Justice 2 It feels more like an expansion than a complete game.

The combat system makes it evident that they borrow elements from the saga Ninja Storm, although it takes a turn of its own.

The biggest draw lies in the brutal expansion of characters, which now include the famous ‘Big Three’, and even professional heroes like Fat Gum and Sir Nighteye, just to name a few.


My Hero One’s Justice 2 opt for a safe sand model and set aside the Plus Ultra It would have motivated him to add something that would make him even more special.

If you are a fan of anime You will really enjoy going through the events and living them in your own flesh, but if you are not familiar with the franchise, you can pass it without problems.

It’s fun
put different caps and clothes on the fighters, but we would have preferred that
bet on more elaborate ways.

In the end, this sequel ends up feeling like a DLC from the first game, which many fans won’t love.

We recommend you:

This review was made on Playstation 4.

My Hero One’s Justice 2

$ 1299 pesos

Graphics and Sound

7.2 / 10


  • Variety of characters
  • Show the history of the anime until season 4


  • Doesn’t add much to the first game
  • Graphics sometimes look like last generation


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