Review of land sale laws to revive the economy: worry about the collapse of the nation

today Suchart Thadathamrongvej Mr The former finance minister stood in the outer circle, expressing his opinion against it. The Cabinet has taken advantage of the ministerial regulations to give the right to four groups of high potential foreigners to hold no more than 1 Ra of land under the condition of an investment of at least 40 million baht for at least three years.

If you look back at the traces that opened the door for foreigners to own land since the Land Code and ministerial regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior

Born in 1954 for foreigners to obtain ownership of land in Thailand for use as a residence for no more than 1 Ra per person under conditions specific to countries that have an agreement with Thailand

until the event began to enter the Tom Yum Kung crisis Net international funds of US$33.95 billion (30 December 39, worth 25.61 baht per US dollar) from all parties involved in reciting many spells, repeating not floating the baht.

Finally throw in the card…Floating Thai Baht As a result, the value of the baht continued to fall almost every day. Reached the lowest level, touching 56 baht per 1 dollar.

Net international funds remained at just $800 million (30 Aug 40, 34.33 baht per 1 USD) after floating the baht, 2 Jul 40.

Even the prime minister at that time showed a gentleman careful of his words. resigned due to wrong words It was originally said that the baht was not floating. But in the end, the baht had to float.

The new government amended the 1999 Land Code to increase purchasing power in the sluggish real estate sector. Encouraging foreigners to invest Giving foreigners the right to own land for housing Can hold no more than 1 rai per person, invest at least 40 million baht, must invest at least 5 years

Before giving birth, the ministerial regulations followed in 45 years were the work of another government. Set out details for foreigners to acquire land ownership in Thailand by allowing the Minister to exercise discretion on a case-by-case basis

“Thailand now has USD 180 billion in international funds, down from USD 215 billion and ranks 12th in the world despite the USD outflow. Looking at the overall picture, it is not a concern.

The baht has appreciated compared to many countries such as Japan and Malaysia. The baht should be weakened by 40 baht per US dollar.

export more than import export tourism Abolish the footprint, digital visas, establish a digital infrastructure. The heart is to create jobs in the country. don’t sell the land Don’t sell things in the house to eat Reduce monopoly Electricity, telephone, retail, wholesale, expensive oil.

Mr Suchart insisted on selling land in Thailand. and propose ways to restore the economy to the government of General Prayut Chan-ocha

By noting that selling the land would mean losing the property. Don’t think that foreigners will buy land and bring money to invest. generate income for the country economic growth

Shows that the head of the economic team and the people thinking about this measure do not know how to develop the economy. I decided just to borrow a lot, distribute it and sell the land to eat it.

This reflects the government’s lack of economic intelligence.

Be careful, Thailand has a chance to collapse!!

Like Singapore, there is only one land. If it was sold to foreigners at that time the country would not be abandoned But his leadership promoted education. develop the country until the economy grows to the top of the world

For example, before the Second World War, there were 8 European countries to rent land in China, there are many states, which can be seen clearly in Beijing, Shanghai, open to rent for 1 rai per person, but there are many a succession of leased land.

the birth of extraterritorial rights

Put up signs prohibiting Chinese people and dogs from entering. The Chinese leader and the Chinese people were seriously injured. I must admit that the state of China that period is behind But Europe is flourishing.

Let me project another view of Sihanoukville. Cambodia All the great nations were seized. Laos is the same as happened in Cambodia. Many other African countries have experienced this condition. Some of the leading countries also had a change.

Thailand has already happened. Occupying land secretly through Thai representatives such as Ratchada, Huai Khwang area, although the law has not been enacted yet, the sign has changed The language has changed completely.

while many parties look at the merchant dimension only selling only taking money into the country without looking at the history of politics, security, and society which led to problems

Therefore, I would like to raise the royal writings of His Majesty King Mongkut. “Who owns it? he must be forced to drive a simmer in the evening according to the customs of being a master”

And don’t compare it to a prosperous and rich country, which is different from underdeveloped Thailand. Surely the capitalists of the rich nation do not choose to shop for cheap things. In the end, the power of the mother country will be used to force The old time captured by the struggle of enslavement of citizens But now the state of the seizure is changed to this

Review of land sale laws to revive the economy: worry about the collapse of the nation

The political team asked if the sale of land to foreigners was covered by this measure. How is inequality increasing?

When the overlapping structure holds very high land ownership Through research on the rich, up to spread, inequality with land tax reform. of Ajarn Duangmanee Laokul

It states that 1% of people own nearly 23 million pieces of land, covering more than seven states in the eastern region, but the remaining 20% ​​of the group own the amount less land. He owns more than 2.32 hundred thousand rai of land and the largest land holder has 631,263 Ra of land, a large plot of land around Phuket 2 provinces together.

Mr. Suchart said that we are still in the era of warriors, Sakdina, monopoly capitalists, government. People don’t really have power. The country’s land distribution system is not good. There is no law specifying the amount of land ownership. If you want to do it, it will be a lobby.

until it is seen that the government is subordinate to the capitalist

“A capitalist has many ways. I want the Government to adopt this measure. Land prices in Thailand will move higher.

People in the government said that it is not true that the decree will be reviewed again Follow the proposed process and follow the steps until the Cabinet approves it If there is no objection, it has already been published.

so don’t be careless Beware of being deceived as a ministerial regulation on local liquor. that people in the government tried to show that after passing Cabinet and then you have to put the decree to look again Finally, that night, the announcement came into effect immediately.”

Look at the direction of falling against the government If the treason law is not withdrawn, how is there an opportunity to meet the end of the land slide ì Said Mr. Suchart which party has the trend? also ordered the dissolution of the party in February-March 66, risking that the famous party Or the party that talks too much will be dissolved.

Even running for the campaign is still in danger of being dissolved. like the Thai Raksa Chart party After the election was over, there were equal votes in both political parties, and the Future Forward Party was dissolved.

No other democratic country in the world has been abolished. Warn political parties to be careful. There is a chance that 2-3 parties will be dissolved, not including the Prime Minister. continues to live for more than 8 years by amending the constitution, voting for 3 consecutive terms

Therefore, this law does not affect elections. because he still has a technique to win elections Although this bond comes out and stabs yourself But when he left, he didn’t know that he was stabbing himself with a knife. Because of this measure, Thai people don’t take It’s a very big deal.

if I were prime minister I would come out and apologize to the people

If the government repealed this law

because it causes the country to collapse

Finally, I think the government will retreat tactically.

political team

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