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REVIEW: “Relic” is a dementia-based horror film that ages | Movie


Although Edna gives Sam a precious ring, she later accuses her granddaughter of stealing it.

Kay, full of guilt, decides that her mother must be placed in a nursing home, where the director reassures her with “Think of an independent life with the edges removed”.

This is primarily a piece about growing fear. It has a moody atmosphere in a dilapidated house, which has disturbing interiors and labyrinthine passages, with characters hovering on the brink of disaster.

I love the way the three generations of women interact as they face uncertainty, betrayal and incomprehension. Obviously, Edna feels neglected by the absences of Kay and Sam, accused of stealing, feels betrayed by Edna.

Kay’s guilt is palpable, particularly when he confesses that he hasn’t seen his mother in a while. Kay and Sam are also at odds, particularly regarding the direction in which Sam has chosen to take on his job.

The situations are realistic and will resonate with an audience of several generations.

The performances are solid, with each character a multidimensional person. The ending, which is somewhat ambiguous, is surprisingly tender but bizarre. Don’t expect to go away with the answers, but you will surely go away with this image in your mind.



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