Revised “LAAB” Drug Guidelines for Groups at Risk

On October 5, 2022 Nakorn Premsri, Director of the National Vaccine Institute he said at the academic seminar through an online system on “Use of Immunity Kit (LAAB) for Vulnerable Groups” organized by National Vaccine Institute It states that the use of immunosuppressants (LAAB) in patients with co-morbidity makes vaccination less effective. cause the death situation from COVID-19 Especially the elderly and have co-morbidities, where the number cannot build immunity well. Once you are vaccinated, you may still get sick and die.

information about the current cases of COVID-19, Omicron strain The mortality rate among deaths and comorbidities was 2.7%, vaccinated and unvaccinated. But if you think in people who are not vaccinated There is a high chance of getting sick and dying at a higher rate, so get vaccinated. And having ready immunity to augment the vulnerable will be beneficial.

side Dr. Weerawat Manosutthi, MD Songkuwut, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health He revealed that back to the beginning of the cases since 2020, there was an attempt to bring a vaccine to prevent infection with Covid-19. After the vaccine was introduced in February 2020, it was found that the body had not responded well to the vaccine. Even if the booster vaccine They found that the response was not as good as the general population.

“Immunity Immunity” or Long-acting Antibody (LAAB), which is a long-acting antibody. Mechanism of action is binding to the spiked protein region. The virus cannot enter the cells. It is imported to help vulnerable patients. According to data on October 3, 65 in 9 deaths from COVID-19, although the number of deaths has decreased But the majority of deaths were 608, with high risk patients with a high mortality rate, with over 78% unvaccinated and 20% without booster shots.

Prevents Covid with 83% symptoms

From the results of the study, it was found that it can prevent the spread of COVID-19. The symptomatic model was 83% after 6 months of follow-up, able to negate the effect of each The currently common mutant strains include BA.4 and BA.5. LAAB It is a ready immune system. when injected the body can use it. The vaccine against covid It is a substance that is introduced to the body through various methods such as injection or ingestion to stimulate the body to build immunity, it takes about 2 weeks to build immunity.

However, immediate immunity (LAAB) cannot be replaced. Covid-19 vaccination so suggest that high risk group, the elderly or groups that cannot build immunity After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine Should continue to receive a booster vaccination as recommended by the Ministry of Public Health and gradually receive additional immunization (LAAB) as recommended by a doctor.

There are 2 types of Immunosuppressants (LAAB) with dark gray and white caps. The total dose is 300 mg and will be injected intramuscularly in the thigh area, 1.5 ml on each side After the injection, side effects are small ok, mainly pain. Most swelling will go away on their own within 2-3 days, but it is recommended that side effects must be closely monitored after 1 hour of injection. from which group should receive Immunosuppressants (LAAB) are those with immunodeficiency problems. People who are less responsive to vaccines and those who cannot get the coronavirus vaccine

Thailand uses LAAB to prevent disease

Immunosuppressants (LAAB) are currently used for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, with the UK, USA, EU countries, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand being used to treating cattle. HIV-19 outpatients include Europe, Singapore and Japan. In the future, treatment recommendations may follow.

LAAB’s target audience

for advice given Ready immune system (LAAB) by the Department of Disease Control on July 2022, available from people older than or equal to 12 years, weighing 40 kilograms. Prescribed for renal failure patients who have had a kidney transplant. and have received immunosuppressants Patients with renal failure receiving hemodialysis organ transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs and bone marrow transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs.

Revised edition, adding more risk groups

Subsequently, the first revised recommendation was published in September 2022, adding more risk groups, namely patients with arthritis and autoimmune diseases. immunocompromised patients Patients on indications given by the US Food and Drug Administration. or Food and Drug Administration of Thailand for approval and patients who may have low immunity, etc.

The distance to receive the Immunosuppressed drug (LAAB) vs Vaccination There is no prohibition that Must be so far away However, data from a small group study found that patients who received immunosuppressants (LAAB) while receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Immunity was discovered

“The LAAB usage study included data from people aged 18 and over, but children had not. It is only modeled and compared with younger teenagers, so it is recommended to use it for children aged 12 years and above, and with a body weight of more than 40 kg it can be used.” said Dr. Weerawat

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