Riot Games doesn’t want to see blood in the game at esports tournaments

A lot of money is now hanging on games: This is especially true when it comes to successful multiplayer games that are played in the esports area. The developer Riot Games has a lot of experience, because the long-running hit “League of Legends” has become an integral part of the scene, especially in Asia. With “Valorant” you naturally want to build on these successes as far as possible. The decision was made to take a controversial step: at tournaments, the blood display in “Valorant” must be switched off.

This is not a voluntary matter, but an imperative for Riot Games. Why this decision? Well, it’s about the money: this is hoped to win more sponsors for the Esports events. This should also make “Valorant” more attractive for the area of ​​live broadcasts. Riot Games has therefore implemented a toggle in the game that makes the blood on and off switchable.

From an economic perspective, this strategy is of course very understandable. Because many companies do not want to be associated with depictions of violence as sponsors. Especially since the Esports area is often about a very young target group – many players and spectators are minors. And for the teams, sponsors are the most important source of income, so that with this decision, Riot Games may even collect points from the gamers themselves.

Analysts have already said that Riot Games’ move is clever and will likely involve many similar approaches to other multiplayer games and the esports area. Personally, I think that’s okay, because after all everyone can quietly switch on the blood test again – it’s only forbidden at public events.

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