Rogue trader Nick Leeson offers he rakes it up by going public during the coronavirus crisis

ROGUE trader Nick Leeson boasted that he was minted by trading on the stock exchange during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The former broker, who brought Barings Bank down with a loss of £ 830million, also praised capitalism that people like him make a fortune in a crisis.

He shrugged his shoulders from the millions losing their jobs or facing ruin as the coronavirus prided itself on being “very good”.

He wrote on Facebook: “I’m trading again and we’re still working, a few more great and profitable weeks!”

And the 53-year-old, who runs an online trading service, defended himself by saying, “The markets are there due to crises.

“It really doesn’t matter if the Gulf War, Coronavirus, Boris Johnson get sick, Trump tweets, or a bank collapse, the markets respond.

“This is the beauty of capitalist society, where we have freedom of expression and a free market economy.”

Leeson, who grew up in the Watford Council house, was seen as a trading star for millions, for barings in Singapore.

But he racked up huge losses that he managed to hide from bosses by exploiting a chronic lack of oversight in the 1990s.

That is the beauty of capitalist society, where we have freedom of expression and a free market economy.

Barings, the world’s second largest oldest commercial bank, went into liquidation and Leeson was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

He survived colon cancer and moved to Galway, Ireland, with beautician Leona Tormay, your two children and your son.

When he bragged about his profits, Leeson also raved about the need for guidelines during the crisis.

He wrote: “Man” rogue states “and we are all in danger.”

But ex-met police detective chief inspector Mick Neville said: “It’s in a very bad taste to boast of the profits.

“If he had decency, he would give all of his profits to healthcare.”

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