ROK and US forces mobilize nuclear carriers for a joint maritime maneuver exercise in the East Sea on the 7th and 8th


[서울=뉴스핌] Correspondent Kim Jong-won, who specializes in national defense and security = South Korea and the US military are conducting maritime maneuver drills to strengthen the collective defense capability in the high seas of the East Sea in response to a series of missile provocations from North Korea for two days from the 7th.

The ROK and US Navy held a large-scale joint naval maneuver exercise in the high seas of the East Sea for four days from September 26 to 29. A South Korea-US-Japan joint anti-submarine exercise was held on September 30, and a missile defense exercise was held South Korea-US-Japan joint naval exercise on October 6, while the South Korea-US joint naval maneuver exercise has been ongoing. since the 7th.

The US nuclear carrier Ronald Reagan, which participated in the joint naval exercise between South Korea and the United States, is conducting a maneuver exercise in the East Sea on September 29, the last day of the exercise. [사진=해군]

The ROK Navy’s KDX-II class destroyer Great Munmu (DDH-976‧4400t class) and the latest guided frigate Donghae (FFG-Ⅱ‧2800t class) are participating in this exercise.

The US Navy has the nuclear-powered carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN-76ㆍ100,000 ton class) as its flagship, the Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser Chancellorsville (CG-62, 9800 ton class) and the Arleigh Burke class of the Carrier Strike Team The destroyers Aegis Benfold (DDG-65, 6900t class) and Barry (DDG-52‧8950t class) are taking part.

The ROK and US naval forces are conducting joint naval exercises such as tactical maneuvers in the East Sea, and are escorting the US nuclear carrier Reagan southeast of Jeju.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “We will continue to strengthen our robust operational capability and readiness to respond to any provocations from North Korea through joint training with the US Reagan Carrier Strike Team, which has again been deployed to The Korean Peninsula as a measure. to strengthen US extended deterrence enforcement capabilities.”

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