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The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase 2020 will go virtual this year, but could offer even more opportunities to showcase companies that sign up.

“The Chamber is thrilled to host this event in a virtual format this year,” said Pat Seaver, director of sales and marketing for the Chamber. “Thanks to our big sponsors, we are able to offer our exhibitors digital and print advertising at the price of the previous years’ stand. This is a real advertising deal. The virtual booth will offer exhibitors the opportunity to increase their digital footprint, SEO and greatly increase the number of potential customers they reach. “

The showcase starts the third week of October and two different showcase options are available.

The sponsors of the event will be present in the Citizen Tribune with an article in print and online that allows for an improved digital footprint and SEO.

Sponsors of the event will also be featured on Citizen Tribune’s Facebook pages allowing you to include a photo or video to raise awareness of social media.

There will also be prize boxes at the event sponsor locations to help drive traffic to the store.

A second way to participate is through a virtual booth that will include a 300-word article in print and online and featured on the Chamber and Tribune Facebook pages.

With this format, it allows those who participate to advertise through the camera and the newspaper and potentially reach thousands of potential customers.

Two activities will be featured each week in the Citizen Tribune on Tuesday and Friday, in addition to the Tribune and the Facebook page.

The showcase closes the week of Black Friday.

The cost of a virtual booth is $ 225 and the cost of sponsoring an event is $ 350.

Sponsors of the event include the Citizen Tribune, HEALTHSTAR doctors, South Marketing Group and Van Hool.

For those interested in enrolling, contact the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce at 423-586-6382.


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