Russia stops gas supply to Italy for days

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

Italy’s largest energy company ‘Eni’ has not received natural gas from Russian state energy company ‘Gazprom’ for three days.

According to Reuters, Eni has not received gas for three days from the 1st, and the supply disruption is expected to continue until the 4th.

In a statement sent via Telegram, Gazprom claimed the problem was due to regulatory changes in Austria.

Gazprom supplies gas to Italy via a gas pipeline through Austria.

The Austrian authorities explained that the recently changed supply contract had to be signed by Gazprom, but the company was not complying, causing supply problems.

However, the Eni spokesperson noted that Austria continues to receive gas from Gazprom, and Austrian energy companies have no problem with supply and demand.

The war in Ukraine has raised concerns about energy security in Italy and other European countries.

In particular, tensions have increased with the Northstream undersea gas pipeline leaking.

More than 40% of Italy’s annual gas imports came from Russia, but recently this share has dropped to around 10%, a source told Reuters.

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