Russia suspected of smuggling 16.8 billion yuan of grain from Ukraine

Russia suspected of smuggling 16.8 billion yuan of grain from Ukraine

Associated Press and PBS investigations show that Russia is suspected of falsifying shipping manifests and stealing about $530 million (about NT$16.8 billion) worth of Ukrainian food by sea. Using satellite images and broadcast radio transponders, the media tracked more than 50 voyages of more than 30 ships and found that these ships were transporting grain from occupied Ukraine to the Middle East. Moscow vehemently denies this, and some legal experts believe the act could amount to a war crime.

Take the ship Nenashev, which was loaded at the Avlita Grain Terminal in Crimea in June, with radio transponders switched off, and arrived in Turkey at the end of the month, exclusive video shows Loads of grain being unloaded at a terminal that n owned by steelmaker MMK Metalurji, which is owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and has been sanctioned by Europe and the United States.

“The Associated Press” also checked with the steel dealer, and the documents he showed showed that the port of loading was Port Kavkaz, a small port in Russia, but in reality the port could hardly accommodate the 170-meter Neenashev still; Syria The Laodicea, a registered ship, used a similar method. In addition, Russia will send large and small ships to confuse, or mix grain to hide the true source. Since the Russian-Ukrainian war, global food prices have skyrocketed, and smuggling operations have been profitable, turning to pay for the war in Russia. Rumors have been rampant; In June Turkey promised to prevent similar incidents from happening, but said no evidence of smuggling had been found.

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