Russia Threatens Ukraine to Start Manufacturing Radioactive Dirty Bomb | USA News | NRI

PHILADELPHIA – Russian President Vladimir Putin has complained that Ukraine, with the help of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has begun preparations to launch a deadly dirty bomb on Russia, the Associated Press reported. Research centers say there is a possibility of many major diseases including cancer due to radioactive reaction as well as the damage, huge flames and deaths following the explosion of the dirty bomb The dirty bomb has never been used in any war. No serious experiments have been carried out so far.

The National News Agency in Kiev revealed that more than 100 Ukrainian villages have been destroyed in recent days. Yesterday the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, said that all preparations have been made to respond to a nuclear attack from Ukraine.

AP said Putin informed US President Joe Biden that Russia’s strategic nuclear forces were conducting annual drills. NATO also immediately began its annual nuclear drills, claiming it had decided on the latter.

Putin warned on Russian TV that the United States is putting Ukraine in front and is trying to destroy Russia and the neighboring countries connected to it, and is trying to turn this region into a military-biological testing center. Yesterday, President Biden also made accusations against Russia after several weeks of public statements by Russian leaders constantly disparaging the United States. Biden is concerned about the threat of dirty bombs on Ukraine and its allies as Russian forces continue to fail on several offensive fronts.

Shoigu called the defense ministers of India and China last Wednesday and said publicly in a statement from the Ministry of Defense that he feared Ukraine would launch a dirty bomb attack on Russia. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg responded that Russia’s baseless and lying statement should be considered ridiculous. Reported. The people of the world and the media realized that Russia and Ukraine were afraid of each other in the dirty bomb attack.

The European Union and Ukraine are of the opinion with doubts about the sincerity of Putin’s messages that he is ready for talks and consultations with Ukraine and that he is happy to create an atmosphere of peace.

The Head of the Residential Office Andriy Yermak announced that Russia has released 10 Ukrainian soldiers who were held as prisoners of war. The body of the American X-Serviceman Joshua Allen Jones, who volunteered to help the Ukrainian army in the war, was handed over by the Russian army to the Ukrainian army.

The media does not know, or does not report, the exact number of soldiers and civilians who die every day in the Russia-Ukraine war, and the number of wounded and injured in hospitals. It is also known by the refugees who come to neighboring countries on their own behalf that the membership of both countries is decreasing enormously.

The Russian-Ukrainian war, which began on February 24, has passed for more than 8 months, but both factions are left with nothing but defeat, defeat and hunger. The foreigners of the new age do not know about the daily sufferings of the people of the two countries beyond imagination and supposition.

It is unfortunate for the whole world that the war trumpets were sounded while the threat of the corona virus threatens the world. No nation, for one reason or another, should go out to war without a strong peace treaty.

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