Russian attack on support vehicles; 23 deaths – Ukraine

Kyiv∙ Missile attack in Ukraine during the move to annex 4 provinces in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine to Russia. Initial information is that at least 23 people were killed in the Russian attack in Soporecia. But Russia accused Ukraine of being behind the attack.

Vehicles carrying aid to people in areas held by Russia were attacked. Vehicles also went here to rescue those trapped in Russian occupied territory. Survivors of the incident said that three missiles had hit. The vehicles were completely destroyed.

The referendum, launched by Russia last Friday in areas currently controlled by Russian forces, was completed on Tuesday. Russia claims that the people of Luhansk (98%), Donetsk (99%), Kherson (87%) and Zaporizhia (93%) provinces have agreed to become part of it in the referendum.

This region covers about 15 percent of Ukraine. Pro-Russian leaders in the 4 states will sign the agreement in a ceremony today in Moscow in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian Parliament will pass the draft law next Monday.

English Summary: Attack on Ukraine civilian convoy kills 23 before Putin’s annexation speech

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