Russian rapper, extreme choice after convening Putin… tribute wave [N해외연예]

Capture of SNS Vitalyevich Petunin

A Russian rapper made an extreme choice as Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced the partial evacuation of 300,000 people.

According to foreign media such as the British Daily Mail and The Sun on the 2nd (local time), Ivan Vitalevich Petunin (27) committed suicide on the 30th of last month in Krasnoda, a city in southern Russia.

He was active in the hip-hop scene under the name Walkie. His body was found near a tall building on Konsresnaya Street. He posted a message on his Telegram channel stating that he did not want to kill anyone for any reason.

A note in the form of a will also appeared on Petunin’s smartphone. The memo read, “I have decided to take the extreme step to protest this hellish world, I want people to remember that I died on the battlefield not to murder.”

This news spread quickly through social networking services (SNS). Many netizens (netizens) regret Petunin’s extreme choice and commemorate his death.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order to mobilize 300,000 reserve forces for the Ukraine war last month. After the mobilization order, Russians have been leaving the country one after the other to avoid conscription. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), approximately 100,000 people fled to Kazakhstan within a week of the mobilization order.

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