sad burial Daughter killed, father boiling, unable to accept it, wanting to be serious about the death penalty.

sad burial The daughter was killed, the father was seething, he could not accept it, the villain had no conscience. who confessed because of the evidence I want to be serious about the death penalty. Not in prison waiting for forgiveness

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For the case of Mr Chanwit or Don, aged 35, who murdered and dismembered the body of Ms. Oranun (with his last name withheld) or Pin, 30, his girlfriend, split into 7 parts in a condo in Samrong Nuea Subdistrict Muang District, Samut Prakan Province before being buried under the Chalong Rat Expressway On Prasert Manukit Road, Ladprao district, Bangkok, then bring the tools used to dissect the bodies and deceased items to throw some canal bottles. Nuanchan area According to the news already

The latest progress on October 4, 65, reporters traveled to Burapha Phiram Temple, Mueang District, Roi Et Province, where Ms Oranan’s funeral service was performed. The atmosphere was sad. An image of Delyn Nong was arranged for visitors to light incense to pay tribute to the funeral. and prepare a place for the chanting ceremony tonight

Nong Phin’s father said he was sad that his daughter had to end her life by being murdered like this. The killer had been planning to kill his daughter for three months and succeeded. At the time of his arrest, he showed no signs of remorse. He also had a calm expression on his face as he testified against the police. As a father, seeing the state of the child’s body, he could not accept it, he could not sleep, and he wanted the law to punish him for death. because of the murderer’s confession because of giving in to evidence He did not plead guilty because of common sense.

I want this country to be serious about the death penalty. is to judge and then kill not put them in prison wait for a day of forgiveness receive a reduction in punishment every year until they come out to live with others because he fears that if that day Generally, people don’t know . These people were previously convicted of murder. This killer then went on to commit another murder. who will be responsible He wants the death penalty for this country to be a time to be taken seriously.

For Nong Phin’s funeral Funeral prayers will be held for one day only, namely today (October 4th), and funerals will be held on October 5th from 3pm onwards.

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