Salute to the Rising Sun Flag at the Korean Navy’s Rising Sun Flag Ceremony… what a shame

Professor Seo Kyung-duk “It was disappointing, what I was worried about”
“Be careful and create alternatives.”

The South Korean Navy salutes at the International Fleet Ceremony / Photo=Professor Kyung-Duk Seo Facebook

Professor Seo Kyung-deok of Sungshin Women’s University criticized the Korean Navy’s salute to the Izumo frigate with the Maritime Self-Defense Force at an international frigate ceremony held in Japan, saying it was “really disgraceful”.

Professor Seo said on his SNS on the 7th, “At the international fleet ceremony held in Japan the day before, the Korean Navy salutes the ship on which the Rising Sun Flag was raised, a symbol of Japanese imperialism and militarism.”

Earlier, an international frigate ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force was held in Sagami Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture on the morning of the 6th. The Inspection Ceremony is a ceremony where the commander-in-chief of the army inspects the fleet and the troops.

The ROK Navy sent the destroyer Gwanggaeto Great in 2002 and the destroyer Daejoyeong in 2015 to the Japanese fleet, respectively. An analysis was raised, during the anti-ship salute, which is the highlight of the frigate ceremony, that the intention was not to show our crew members a salute to the Maritime Self-Defense Forces flag, which is almost exactly the same shape as the Japanese flag during the War of Pacific Ocean.

However, on this day, the South Korean navy, like other navies, saluted Izumo, which has the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Regarding this, Professor Seo said, “I am disappointed that something I was worried about happened.” “With this event, it is clear that Japan will come out with the Rising Sun flag more proudly at international events,” he said.

But shortly afterwards, he emphasized, “It is not only the time to criticize, but to create alternatives.” He mentioned earlier that before the World Cup in Russia started, the Japanese side’s cheering photo of the Rising Sun Flag posted on FIFA’s official SNS and the Rising Sun Flag pattern in the music video of the official theme song were drawn together by netizens. He also stressed, “I will have to be careful this time too.”

He continued, “I am confident that the Rising Sun Flag will be eradicated from the earth if our people first know the history of the Rising Sun Flag and launch a global campaign to publicize the Sun Flag Rises to the world like a war criminal flag. “

Kim Soo-young, reporter for [email protected]

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