Sami Maghawri is beaten by a woman in a public place for an unexpected reason

The Egyptian actor, Sami Maghawry, revealed the scenes of being beaten by a woman while he was in a mall, because of his role in the series “Dalaa Al Banat”.

Maghawry said in an interview with “Teens with the utmost” on TeN, that he was embodying the character of a fierce man in the events of the series, dealing with alcohol and drugs, and he could do anything to get the money.

Maghawry stated that he was surprised during the presentation of the series with a woman attacking him inside one of the commercial centers, shouting at him: “It is forbidden for you … it is necessary for one to be slanderous against you.”

He continued: “When I started to say the names of the characters in the series, I began to understand, and I told her that it was acting, and I explained it to her, and she apologized to me in the end.”

It is reported that the series “Dalaa Al Banat” was first shown in 2014, starring May Ezz El Din, Kinda Alloush, Mohamed Adel Imam and Reem Al Baroudi, and it was written by Mohamed Salah Al Azab and directed by Sherine Adel.


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