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Samsung Electronics will introduce ‘Samsung Electronics Membership Plan’ on the 3rd in conjunction with ‘ e-food hall’ to provide consumers with a variety of benefits that are closely related to their lives.

You can sign up for the Samsung Electronics membership plan at the e-food hall, and it’s a program that provides benefits worth up to KRW 720,000 for 3 years if you buy more than a certain amount of food every month with your contact card.
※ e-food hall: An online food hall created by where you can easily buy a variety of foods including HMR and food kits from major domestic food companies in one place.
※ Related card companies: Samsung Card, NH Nonghyup Card, Lotte Card (as of 2/1/2022)

The feature of this program is that the subscription target and benefits have been greatly expanded from the ‘My Cuker Plan Membership’ prepared for buyers of the new concept multi-cooker ‘Bespoke Cuker’ to products such as home appliances , televisions and mobiles. devices.

▲ Bespoke home appliances such as fridges, ovens, air conditioners, cordless vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers ▲ The latest TVs such as Neo QLED, The Serif, and The Freestyle ▲ Buy Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, and enter the serial number of the product (You can register by entering your Serial Number). Customers who have already purchased the product can use the same program as long as they have purchased it within the last 6 months.
※ Except for customers who purchase consumables and accessories (SSD, MD small home appliances, LED lights, printers, cameras, lenses, toners, inks, etc.)

For example, if you buy a dedicated refrigerator and register for a Samsung Electronics membership plan, you can easily buy kimchi, pork and instant rice that you usually eat at the e-food hall and receive monthly discounts.

Samsung Electronics’ membership plan includes the ’65 Plan’, which provides discounts of 20,000 won per month for up to 720,000 won per month for 36 months when purchasing more than 65,000 won per month in e-food halls, and 155,000 per month for purchases Won 39,000 or more You can choose from the ‘plan 39’, where you can receive benefits of up to 360,000 won for 24 months with 1,000 won each.
※ Discount benefits such as billing discounts or cashback are provided by affiliated card companies For more information on Samsung Electronics membership plans, please visit e-food hall (

Samsung Electronics designed the e-food hall to provide a smarter lifestyle through the connection between home appliances and different industries. It provides a one-stop shopping experience where you can conveniently buy not only products such as custom fridges and cookers, but also various fresh foods and Scancook foods that are easy to cook by scanning a barcode in just one place.

With the launch of the Samsung Electronics membership plan service, a curation function was added that provides customized products from 21 major food brands, enabling e-food halls to provide a smarter user experience.
※ Food brands in the e-food hall: CJ CheilJedang, CJ Foodville, ie (formerly Korea Yakult), Greetings, Nonghyup Lively, Nonghyup NH Farm, Daesang, Dongwon, Lotte Confectionery, Ranking Dakcom, My Chef, Sunjin, Soul Kitchen, Shinsegae 21 brands including Food, Entree, Ottogi, Open the Table, Cooking, Pulmuone, Presage, Pet Box, etc. (From 2/1/2022 onwards)

Meanwhile, to commemorate the launch of the Samsung Electronics membership plan, Samsung Electronics plans to hold various events until the end of the year, such as selling exclusive products and special products.

Taehwan Hwang, vice president of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “We want to innovate the customer experience by building an ecosystem that can support various consumer lifestyles, focusing on Samsung Electronics home appliances. We will continue to expand partnerships between various industries such as devices, services and content for healthcare in the future.”

▲Samsung Electronics introduces the ‘Samsung Electronics Membership Plan’, which provides customers with innovative experiences and rich benefits in connection with the ‘ e-food hall’.

A sales representative introduces the 'Samsung Electronics Membership Plan' to customers who make a purchase at the Samsung Digital Plaza Gangnam branch.

▲ A sales employee at the Samsung Digital Plaza Gangnam branch presents the ‘Samsung Electronics Membership Plan’ to customers who make a purchase.

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