Sarayu Mohans Navaratri special look goes viral on the internet l Navaratri 2022: Sarayu Mohan shines in special look, see photos

Sarayu Mohan: Actress Sarayu Mohan started her career by acting in small roles in films. Sarayu is acting for the first time in the movie Chakara Muth. After that, she did notable small roles in films like A Simple Wife and Sultan.


Sarayu also acted as the female lead for the first time in Ramesh Pisharati’s debut film Kappel Mutadali.


Later, Sarayu acted as a heroine, supporting actress and character actress in the film Ingot. Sarayu is one person who continues her love for acting after marriage. Sarayu’s husband is Sanal V Devan.


Sarayu, who has been acting in films since 2006, has played small and big roles in about sixty films. Sarayu has been active in films for 16 years and has acted in serials. Apart from these, he has also worked in the field of short films and albums.


Among the serials, Velankani Mataav is the first serial. Sarayu Mohan is someone who has participated in many TV shows and hosted programs. Sarayu is also active in social media. Sarayu can often be seen in photos as a local girl.


Now, Sarayu has posted pictures of him wearing a traditional look on the set in connection with Navratri. Comments like Entha Aishwaryam and Malayalee manga came to be seen. The photos were taken by Shine CV.

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