SAT joins the Open Sports Training Fund Explain the payment process – solve the problem of money remaining in the pipe

SAT joins the Open Sports Training Fund Explain the payment process – solve the problem of money remaining in the pipe

Gen. Wit Thephasadin Na Ayudhya, Secretary General of the Thai Olympic Committee Presided over a seminar to practice understanding of the process, procedures and guidelines regarding the payment of the National Sports Development Fund. to a sports association using the term “from Thailand and the Provincial Sports Association at the Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel on 29 September

Gen said. Wit the objectives for organizing this seminar Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the National Sports Development Fund together to solve the problems of the Sports Association of Thailand and the Provincial Sports Association in paying various payments Let’s understand how the method. There are regulations such as Sometimes the society still doesn’t understand. It will provide opportunities for all societies to gain information and understanding in order to make payments more flexible. Whatever the problem, let’s clear it up.

Thai Olympic Secretary General Prawit Wongsuwan, Chairman of the Thai Olympic Committee Has been reminded that the issue of various payments The reform must be completed within 6 months. If he cannot do that, TAS and the Fund must be responsible for the together and confirm with the society that the money that is left in the pipeline Unable to pay, must be completed from 2021-2022.

Gen. came. Wit to the conclusion that the year 66 budget has already been framed. Following the process, SAT, the fund and the sports association must complete the process together within the time frame. silver frame Believe that next year there won’t be a problem for sure. If there is another problem, SAT and the Fund are responsible

Dr said. Supranee Guptasa, Manager of the National Sports Development Fund, that the fund has been set aside to help clear the arrears. people say that the backlog of money is caused by various document systems That causes problems, but in fact the most effective solution to the backlog of pipes is as a result of using a new system But what the Fund and SAT must share is to explain to the Sports Association of Thailand, Provincial Sports Association, including SAT to understand each other. End of this seminar He will be on a tour for the provincial sports association. and the Provincial SAT have knowledge and understanding

Dr. Supranee continued that what Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan as chairman of the National Sports Development Fund Raised through the fund and SAT. will be responsible for loosening the payment But what I want to leave to all sports associations now there is no need to wait Expenditure is not linked to the system. It’s a matter of getting all the documents ready to come in and pick them up.

“According to the timetable is 6 months, I am confident that it can be achieved. But it must be separated into 2 issues, namely the disbursement process and the clarity of the disbursements. At the same time, if any association does not present documents within 6 months, it will be presented to the Executive Committee. to consider how to proceed. There will be no late payments,” the fund manager concluded.

While Mr Prachum Boonthiam, SAT deputy governor for sports and science excellence, said the problem was coming from the wrong source. Therefore, the Fund and TAS have produced a handbook. and hold seminars so that there will be no more problems AND the money will be published in accordance with the desired goals. The intention of this seminar was to train each other and understand the payment process thoroughly.

Mr. Prachum continued that the problems in the past could be because some associations modify officers, modify employees, people who know about it, do not transfer their work. without studying the information in SAT and the Fund I myself have tried to fill it. But it has the very Good connection, like volleyball or athletics, where the proof of expenses is very detailed. It only has some connections. just want money but no documents which are not correct

“After this, there will be a three-month seminar, and the results will be summarized again for reporting to the fund’s board. so that these problems do not happen again,” the deputy governor concluded.

The Gen said. Chanchai Yossunthorn, secretary general of the Fencing Association of Thailand, thanks SAT and the fund that held this seminar which is believed to be very useful Because many years ago there was a problem with payments. But this year, looking at the preparation Document preparation It is easy for the staff to make further payments.

“It must be admitted that part of it was that the association’s staff were not directly involved in accounting. There may be some errors. they may not understand the rules corrected causing delays Sometimes employees have the opportunity to make mistakes. In addition, there are many sports associations in Thailand. So, there is a chance that all issues can go together,” said Gen. Chanchai.

Butler of the Fencing Association concluded that But thanks to all the adults who tried to fix the problem. it should create a new dimension in solving the problem After this, if you still encounter other problems you must continue to be corrected Having been in the sport for 10 years, sometimes there is a good rhythm. some stuck strokes But it’s not like everyone has the same problem. There may be some lag bugs.

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