‘Sato’, the only person in the world. Who used to knock ‘Bua Khao’ to sleep in the air 14 years ago

GSV Get ready to open an important fist fight between the legendary Thai boxer “Buakhao Banchamek” and an old rival who used to knock down.Buakaw came in Japan when 14 Last year, “Yoshihiro Sato” in a special game KAT PRESENTS LEGEND OF RAJADAMNERN that despite being Kickboxing Game Showcase but it does not prevent the ferocity andGives a chance to knock opponents out. It’s a deeply rooted match. 14 A year boxing fans should not miss. bomb date 28 This time October 19.00 on, ready to be full of fun boxing pairings, Muay Thai and Kick boxing more 10 The couple ended with a concert to turn up the heat with LOMOSONIC that will add to the fun in the heart of the capital of Muay Thai on the canvas of the legendary Rajadamnern Stadium Tickets can be purchased atRatchadamnoen Stage https://rajadamnern.com/ readylive on channel Work place number 23

Global Sports Enterprises Company Limited or GSV Organizer of the Rajadamnern World Series of Muay Thai Boxing RWS Announces readiness to blow up a historic battle which will be a reunion of the old rival between “Buakhao Banchamek” and “Yoshihiro Chato”, a great Japanese boxer with an unusual nickname “Mugen Sniper” Obtained from the accuracy of releasing a powerful fist to defeat the opponent with a bang And this is the only boxer who shocked the world by inflicting wounds on Buakaw’s boxing profile with the word “lost by knock”. KO The first and only time in my life of the fight Top World K1 2008 in Nippon Budokan Arena Tokyo, JapanThienchai Phisitwuttinun Executive Chairman GSV declared after the success of the showboxing exhibition Kickboxing Game Showcase with a world-stopping boxing match between “Buakhao-Kota”, a Japanese jade-faced fighter beloved by Thai fans, has created a wave of fame throughout the country and around the world to the extent that Rajadamnern Stadium has to closing the ticketing system because the audience flocked to reserve tickets. over the stadium. And the reaction after the game has been a call for the Rajadamnern World Series. RWS Arrange another legendary battle for the constant fun of the audience.

latest GSV boxing program organizer RWS intended to publishBuakaw’s eye-wash fist fight, that isthe battle of the times 2 of Buakaw when coming back to fight on the Rajadamnern boxing stage in the round 18 years with the mission of elevating Muay Thai to a truly international level by the team GSV Coordinated with “Yoshihiro Sato”, former Thai boxing champion World Kickboxing Association (WKA) a World Professional Kickboxing (WPKC) and K-One Boxing Champion 2 Chai, who is a fighting partner whose story has been deep in Buakhao’s heart for a long time. 14 years because he is the only boxer in the history of boxing. 300 A fight of Buakaw who can win by knocking out Buakaw The type that makes Bua Khao “Sleep in the air” here.

even after the other 5 Buakaw year will have a chance to take revenge against Sato again, but he can only win points. The deep pain in my heart is kept to this day. And there will be an opportunity to clear the debt between each other when the two legendary fighters meet again in the close round. 10 A year on the Rajadamnern Boxing Stage in the programme KAT PRESENTS LEGEND OF RAJADAMNERN One of the special events of Ratchadamnoen World Series RWS A boxing program that opens a new dimension in the Thai boxing game to be more fun, exciting, and exciting, including new fighting rules. International standards of light and sound to create an experience Sports entertainment world class for the audience, whether traveling to the stadium or watching the live broadcast

This eye-wash game is a competition in style. Kickboxing Game Showcase or an exhibition fight without an official win or loss. But the rules of this game allow the opponent to knock out. Previously, Bua Khao Thai fighters were knocked out in Japan This time, Japanese fighters are coming to Thailand. So, it’s an opportunity for Buakaw to spend time. 3 Raised in the fight to create a new set of memories for boxing fans to win the kind that can be called short of breath. Buakaw will create a new page of history. Or will history repeat itself? having to follow close to the edge of the stage with a thrill

This special event is a collaboration between the Thai Kickboxing Association (Thai Kickboxing Association ) and the company GSV with the support of the National Sports Development Fund Sports Authority of Thailand According to the mission to promote and support the development of sports, professional sports and boxing. Recruit and develop athletes and sports personnel to be successful at national and international level. It also supports the organization of sports activities and competitions to standardize them. Creating opportunities and experiences for athletes, sports personnel, as well as creating economic value for the country.

A stunning match that boxing fans should not miss in an important battle of glory in the life of “Buakaw” and the chance to defeat “Sato” 28 October 2565. larrier eg Open to book tickets at https://rajadamnern.com/ and watch the battleRatchadamnoen World Series RWS Available every Friday on the channel Workplace 23 a Go Sports since 21.15 pm on

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