Saudi Arabia, the prince tweets the photo of the Royal Guard woman: “A beautiful and important image”

RIAD – In the photo above Twitter the two Saudi Royal Guards appear side by side. The black masks and the traditional bright green beret. Never before has such an image been seen. The crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is implementing its ambitious plan, Vision 2030. The Kingdom changes, the prince wants to modernize it, women are getting more rights and freedoms. For years they could not perform military service, let alone drive. Strict laws on their protection limited their freedom of movement.

In February 2018, Saudi Arabia granted them the opportunity to join the military in the security services for the Ministry of the Interior, criminal investigation departments and security patrols. The year after the opportunity to drive, to enter the armed forces, in the ranks of corporal or sergeant. Also from 2019, women no longer need the permission of a male guardian to obtain a passport and travel abroad, they can register the births of their children, obtain documents on the state of the family and live separated from their husbands.

To tweet the photo on June 26, also taken by the broadcaster al Arabiya it was the prince Sattam bin Khaled al-Saud: “One of the tasks of the Royal Guard is to provide protection and security to the king and his guests during celebrations and conferences. Consequently, the role of women in the Royal Guard will be to accompany guests or delegations of women who they accompany the guests and manage them, and this is a beautiful and important thing. “

Among the comments also that of Saudi Women Stories, the photo “is an honorable and beautiful image of Saudi women in the Royal Guard”. But not everyone agrees, many write that “the woman must take care of the house, be a wife, a sister” and the discussion among the Prince’s over 400 thousand followers continues.

The royal guards have as their main mission the protection of the Saudi royal family, they respond directly to the king and for security reasons they maintain a communication network separate from the regular army, they also perform functions of professional soldiers and have a reputation for being among the most elite and competent of the Saudi Army. According to World Bank data, around 20 percent of the Saudi female population was unemployed in 2018. One of the points of the plan Vision 2030 is to offer more jobs to Saudi citizens, including women.

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