Scores for match day 32: A good horse…

Real Madrid struggle 1-0 against Espanyol Barcelona and don’t really do more than necessary. In the end, a flash of inspiration from Karim Benzema and a Casemiro in top form are enough. The REAL TOTAL individual review for the 32nd LaLiga match day.

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Casemiro completed Benzema’s heel template for the decisive 1-0 – Foto: imago images / Cordon Press/Miguelez Sports

Starting eleven

Thibaut Courtois

It was rarely really dangerous, but if the worst came to the worst, the Belgian could be relied on. Currently radiates enormous safety and is a fantastic support both on the line and when running out. Even with the foot again without much cause for criticism. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2.

Daniel Carvajal

In the course of the new system change again more or less on their own, since Valverde nominally oriented towards the right wing, but again had to struggle with significant positioning problems. Carvajal’s offensive input was accordingly manageable, although the right-back also afforded some uncleanliness. Against the ball solid and without serious mistakes. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4,5.

Raphaël varane

Caught a somewhat bumpy start to the game like the entire team and had his problems with the physically robust and busy De Tómas. After the shaky initial phase, however, the Frenchman stabilized visibly and, with increasing playing time, found his usual sovereignty. Restrained initially in the game structure, the number 5 sprinkled in some notable relocations during the game. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4.

Sergio Ramos

Similar to sidekick Varane, initially a bit shaky on the road and with one or two positional errors. After the change of sides defensive then on the height. Extremely active in building the game and with a very high precision in passing (97 percent accuracy and 13 out of 13 long balls arrived). Initiated the 1-0 with a header extension. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4.


The Brazilian also had big problems defensively at the beginning and especially struggled with speed compared to his opponents. Overall, it seemed relatively agile and sometimes lacked the necessary consequence in a duel. Forward very active and tried, but with little impact – except in the 45th minute when he found Ramos with his diagonal ball, who then took the lead. Overall, however, an expandable appearance. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4,5.


After his yellow card suspension, proved why he is currently indispensable for this Real Madrid. In an overall very agile team as one of the few defensively up to par. In the game setup with good position play and the necessary precision in passing, which after a shaky initial phase led to the necessary stability. Attacking extremely active (three shots on goal) and ultimately with the goal of the day. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2.

Federico Valverde

Was again more or less than right wing due to Isco’s return to the team – and was not the first time to face significant problems. It is easy to note that Valverde feels anything but comfortable in these rooms and that he needs the game in front of him to be able to play his strengths better. After the switch to 4-3-3 and its transfer to the center noticeably better in the game. Too often, Zidane shouldn’t really dare to do this experiment. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4.

Toni Kroos

It is always amazing: No matter how good or bad the team is, Toni Kroos always finds his game. After the shaky opening minutes, it was Greifswald again who took over the game and thus helped the royal team to gain more structure and stability. What is particularly striking at the moment: Kroos dribbles again and again and likes to look for the risky ball in the depth, which makes Real’s attacking game much more varied. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Isco (until the 63rd minute)

It seems a bit strange that the Andalusian, who is so technically fogged up, finds it extremely difficult to fight against deep-seated opponents. If the noble technician always knows how to shine against an aggressive and high-pressure team, he is almost regularly logged off against opponents stonewalling. There was commitment and will, but Isco’s actions were mostly limited to possession of the ball in harmless rooms. The lack of game practice did the rest. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4,5.

Karim Benzema

At halftime one long time the only one who was beginning to exude something like a goal, before the Frenchman redone his colors with another stroke of genius – albeit this time “only” as a preparer. But also had to struggle with the insufficient space distribution in 4-1-3-2 and did not really find his rhythm. Isco, Hazard and Benzema often felt more or less on their feet. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3,5.

Eden Hazard (up to 63 minutes)

Enjoyed a lot of freedom as the second top alongside Benzema, but didn’t really know where to put it. Except for a few fouls drawn, the Belgian was barely visible, at times the 29-year-old was also a bit casual, which resulted in simple and unnecessary ball losses. A total of only 49 ball actions are a clear indication that number 7 did not even come into play that evening. REAL TOTAL-Note: 5.


Vinícius Júnior (ab 63. Minute)

By returning to the classic 4-3-3, Real looked a bit more structured and stable against the ball. The Brazilian brought some momentum into the encounter again, but was also unable to give a decisive impulse. No rating.

Rodrygo (from 63rd minute)

Like storm partner Vinícius with a few promising starts and the necessary support for the defensive. No rating.


Zinedine Zidane

Opened up an unnecessary construction site with the system changeover and Valverde’s relocation, which the team felt for a long time. In general, the royals sometimes seemed a bit unfocused and sluggish, which of course can be due to the tight schedule. The fact that he ended up using only two changes was probably the right decision considering the fragility of the encounter. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3.

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Individual criticism

Scores for match day 32: A good horse…

Real Madrid struggle 1-0 against Espanyol Barcelona and don’t really do more than necessary. In the end, a flash of inspiration from Karim Benzema and a Casemiro in top form are enough. The REAL TOTAL individual review for the 32nd LaLiga match day.

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