Secret promotion giveaway at Sephora. Online shopping. Easy to order No fuss.

Choose Free Samples and if there is a Promotion Code, don’t forget to fill it in. Worth it, can’t stop, can’t really take it out, then press Checkout to fill in the delivery address. phone number and choose payment method There are payment methods to choose from, which are very convenient, there are credit cards, Paypal, cash on delivery too. Next, this is the last step of payment, let’s wait to receive the product. The app will send us a Confirmed order via email. Delivery can be tracked within the app. Very cool.

Spread the word…October Carnival secret promotion 20% OFF all orders, no minimum.

???? Autumn Carnival for online shopping only!

???? ​​20% off all items, no minimum, it’s great here ❤️ 5-7 October

Privilege 2 When you spend 4,000 baht, get a free Sephora x Givememusuem scarf ????

And if ladies shop for 7,500 baht, get a free Sephora Puffer Bag ????

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