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Semaphore Co joins MicroAge in transitioning to the corner cloud technology services market


The move comes in the wake of Semaphore’s formal recognition as MicroAge’s 2019 Outstanding Service Partner. Semaphore Co, a full lifecycle services company, covers projects from implementations to migrations; updates; to support downtime and managed services. With a deep focus on Microsoft, VMware, Networking and the cloud, the organization has provided a full range of world-class technology services. Started by managing partner Kyle Yencer in 2008, Semaphore quickly catapulted into a high performing services organization with a mission to deliver quality results on time, every time.

The organization is known for its strategic and deliberate approaches to pairing processes and technology with detailed and personalized services, unlocking the capacity for transformation and innovation. Over the past decade and through hundreds of successful endeavors, Semaphore has moved rapidly with changing technologies and a disruptive market.

News of the acquisition comes as the firm still struggles to define the remote workplace and the technologies needed to keep organizations agile, secure, and driven by a fully engaged workforce. MicroAge is ideally placed to provide critical solutions for the flexible workforce in the age of remote working.

As technology leaders recognize the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, they require innovative long-term approaches to centralize data storage, strengthen cybersecurity, connect employees, and move at the speed of disruption. By incorporating Semaphore into a model that already offers high-performance services and innovative solutions, MicroAge expands its service offering to more organizations in unprecedented time.

“Providing the best services is at the heart of our mission to help customers accelerate, transform and protect their businesses,” he said. Rob Zack, CEO at MicroAge. “Our partnership with Semaphore Co has already had a tangible impact. Integration Kyle Yencer and the talent, approach and commitment behind his organization are changing the game. This is a significant leap forward in expanding our service-based solutions capabilities to empower more businesses with technology that makes an impact. “

“This breakthrough has been accelerated by the same powerful company chemistry that kicked off our rewarding partnership with MicroAge,” he said. Kyle Yencer, Managing Partner at Semaphore Co. “Our shared values ​​and emphasis on building our experience and meaningful relationships have brought our organizations closer together. This was the next step, forward.”

About MicroAge

MicroAge combines a powerful mix of technology services, supported by vendor certified engineers, and an acclaimed group of experts to provide the competitive technology leaders they need to lead in a disruptive digital environment. MicroAge is recognized annually by Computer Reseller News (CRN) in the Tech Elite 250, Solution Provider 500, and MSP 500 lists of top performing technology integrators, strategic service providers and IT consultants.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, MicroAge has a rapidly expanding national sales force to support the growing demand. To find out more, visit www.microage.com.


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