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Anyone looking for a light legal series, funny boob, chemistry, sweet princess, but the story line is not boring, I recommend it. The Law Cafe New series from KBS, new performance. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young A couple who have worked together in a romantic fantasy series. A Korean Odyssey In 2017, this return orbit did not disappoint any series fans at all. Because the series managed to attract viewers’ attention in the first place. which can achieve average national ratings up to 7.1% Compared to the number of television viewers in South Korea, more than 1.228 million, immediately became the first-rate series in the Monday-Tuesday series.

“Out-of-court lawyers who will solve your problems for the price of a cup of coffee.”

– Kim Yuri (played by Lee

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The Law Cafe tell a story Kim Yuri (played by Lee Se Young) A young lawyer who is known as a lawyer who upholds justice. Because even though she is in the biggest law firm in the country as Hwang and Goo Law Office But instead, she chooses to do only the cases of the less fortunate. until the People’s Welfare Institute came up for her

But even then, Kim Yuri chose to submit a white envelope to resign. To meet their own needs, that is, to open a shop. ‘The Law Cafe’ A cafe where additional services are legal advice for customers who have coffee in its cafe. But then her plans to open a cafe began to shake because the owner of the building she would be renting to open the cafe was Kim Jong Ho (played by Lee Seung Gi) A person who is both a close friend who has known each other for 17 years and who is also an ex-boyfriend who has been confused to say goodbye. on christmas day

Kim Jong Ho learns that Kim Yuri will become a tenant. He stubbornly objected to not allowing her to open the Law Cafe here. Kim Yuri also wanted to open a shop in this building. There is a disturbing story between a building owner and a relentless lawyer. A long-buried relationship The last cause that led the couple to separate from has come back again

A story of many mellow flavors

This series is a series that can combine stories of various flavors to blend together in a harmonious way. By being able to balance not doing any storyline, one storyline is too prominent than other storylines. This allows the story to progress very smoothly. In an intense plot like Revenge of the Construction Company, Dohan was able to hand out a role to Kim Yuri. and Kim Jong Ho, who turns hand in hand, takes revenge in his own shocking way. and invite Ha to break at the same time The line of love and relationship that she has been weaving for a long time is enjoyable every time they are together. The law subject line was easy to understand. And the case is an imminent case that can happen to us at any time, any day.

Not enough other characters in the story, be it two young workers in a cafe. The aunt who rented Jung Ho’s building. Jung Ho and Yuri’s two best friends. including Jung Ho’s psychiatrist cousin They are all characters who come to make this story colorful and make everything look even more colorful.

Law Cafe 2Law Cafe 2

An interesting case pattern has been presented.

In the series, the case where Yuri’s cafe customer often consults her is trueSmall citizens must bear the karma for the carelessness and capital savings of large companies or corporations. The first case that Yuri took the audience to court was the case of an employee who had an accident during work until his death. The defendant’s side, the company, tried to argue that the company has standard, strong and safe security equipment. A worker’s accident is caused by the worker’s own negligence. But when the witnesses were examined and the case was dug deeper, it became clear that the company did not value the employees who worked to make money for the company. Safety equipment is not up to standard. A non-systematic system If the boss orders, even though he knows the danger, he only has to do it in case of being fired. I have to keep my head down and work hard as life hangs in the balance every second I work.

“There are many countries in the world. That people don’t have to die while working. That your job is so dangerous. It’s not normal.”

– Kim Yuri

Just the first case, I am angry and wow with the most extreme court case. But in the next cases faced by Kim Yuri, the difficulty will gradually increase. more complexity Let me tell you I am very excited! What will be the next case?

Law Cafe 3Law Cafe 3

Smooth visuals with background music that needs to be added to the playlist

The pictures in every scene of this story say that stunningly beautiful So beautiful that I want to fly to Korea to follow all the tracks. Not enough, the background music for this story is well chosen. Bringing artists, godfather, godfather of OSTs series, whether CHEEZE, Ailee, JO YURI, former members of IZ*ONE, not enough in the story, there are still songs that Lee Seung Gi Our hero sings too .I can tell you it is very good. Don’t miss it at all costs!

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Wonderland – Cheese OST Part.1
video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio">
Can You Feel My Heart – JO YURI OST Part.2
video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio">
I While It’s A Place – AIEE OST Part.3

If there is a legal issue, think about it. ‘The Law Cafe’ A cafe that will serve an all-you-can-eat drink. along with helping you with the drink-in law The Law Cafe can go together Every Monday and Tuesday night at 21.00 capableWatch Thai subtitles are copyrighted by VIU.

Article by Show me the series You can follow a detailed analysis of the issues in the series and an analysis by chapter on the page. Show Me The Series

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