Series Synopsis: Start-Up Startup

Title: Start-Up Start-Up [ 스타트-업 ]
Series Genre: Romance – Comedy – Business
Director: Oh Jung Hwan (Hotel Del Luna)
Writer: Park Hye Ryun (While You Were Sleeping, Pinocchio)
Produced: Studio Dragon
Broadcast days:Every Saturday – Sunday 21.00 (according to South Korea)
Broadcast period: 17 October – 6 December 2020
Number of episodes: 16 endings
Broadcast (South Korea): On tvN
Broadcast (in Thai): On NetflixTH
The performer: Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Sun Ho, Kang Hanna, Kim Hae Sook, Song Seon Mi, Kim Jooheon, Eun Hyo Seop, Kim Do Wan, Yoo Soo Bin , Kim Won Hae, Seo Yi Sook, Nam Da Reum, Heo Jung Eum, Ere

“The story of the life of a young person walking from the beginning (Start) to growing (Up) in the startup business. With a dream of success, being recognized as a genius. And whose name appeared in South Korea’s Silicon Valley, he and she were unknowingly driving each other. ”

Synopsis:Spring 15 years ago, Seodul Mi (Suzy) ‘s family was broken up in poverty. Mi) her mother Seo In Jae (Kang Hanna) older sister chose to stay with her mother. And finally, there was a new family, married Won Doo Jung (Eun Hyo Sop) and changed his name to Won In Jae.

Sodal was very sad. Being abandoned by my sister and the only friend in the world Until she received a love letter from the bird house mailbox In front of Choong Myung Hot Dog’s store, Choi Won Deok (Kim Hae Sook) from a young boy named Namdo San wrote to chat as a friend. Has been soothing and healing for the past 15 years.

When she learns that her sister Won In Jae (Kang Hanna) has returned from a foreign country. As the second-generation successor of Nature Morning and will be speaking to the startup business held by the venture capital firm Sandbox, Dalmi attends a lecture and takes a mic from a young man next to him. I asked to stab my sister. Deliberately calling her old name, Seo In Jae, “Have you ever taken a selfish path?” It may seem like a selfish choice. But it’s a tough way. ”And reiterated that her name was Won in Jae.

The two siblings met each other, Sodal Mee told her sister that she was starting a start-up business with a talent, smart, and future partner named Namdo San. To bring Nam Do San to the event The networking party held by Nature Morning Company Sodal was very worried. Because she had never met Nam Do San, a math genius, she really wanted to meet Namdo San so that he could be by his side. And insisted on proving that my sister was wrong to leave her and her father.

Seodul Mi does not yet know that the love letter under the name Nam Do San is actually written by Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Sun Ho) who wrote the love letter to the request of Choi Won Deok. Her grandmother Han Ji Pyeong follows Seodul Mi, who is insane in the pursuit of Do San, until he meets his good grandmother Choi Won Deok. And knows what Dalmi wants to meet with Do San

Han Ji Pyeong meets the real Nam Do San by accident. He begged Nam Do San to pretend to be Namdosan, the person who wrote a letter to Sodal Mi Do San to accept the claim. There is an exchange that Han Ji Pyeong has to put his Samsan Tech company into the sandbox !!!

The busy story of young business people How will it end up? Follow Startup every Saturday – Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Thai subtitles on Netflix starting on October 17, 2020.

Main character character

Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San | Owner of small technology company Samsan Tech, who was once proud of his family as an Olympic math genius. However, doing business with his friends in the beginning was not very good. Until when he meets Sodulmi again and she remembers him as a supportive first love. So he decided to go for a full-pumped start-up business With the aim of changing Sodal’s misunderstanding of him. To be true

Suzy as Sodulmi| The Female Fighter Blood Living with grandmother, father died, mother went to have a new family And take away the sister that you love the most in life with Sodal had a dream of becoming a Korean Steve Jobs through a lot of part-time experience. And have a big goal to make a successful startup business To prove her identity

Kim Seon Ho Playing the role of Han Ji Pyeong | The Orphaned Young Man Startups to pay off their debt He leads the investment planners team at SH Venture Capital, with investment skills and enterprising. Made him named Gordon Ramsay of the South Korean investment community. In a cold and arrogant manner, he was ready to show kindness to the gracious grandmother, Choi Won Deok. A special person who supported him 15 years ago.

Kang Hanna as Won In Jae A beautiful young businesswoman known as a nobility, the heir of a prestigious family, both wealth and educational qualities, rich in money. Being the 2nd generation heir of “Nature Morning”, In Jae tries everything to create success by herself. And make everyone accept their abilities Until when she found the truth that she had been used and abandoned by her father In order to stop making pieces in my dad’s game So she decided to bring herself into her own startup business.

Kim Do Wan as Kim Young San | Computer Software Engineer Co-founder Samsan Tech, a fellow student of Namdo San and Lee Cheol San

Yoo Soobin as Lee Chulsan | Computer Software Engineer Co-founder of Samsan Tech and a fellow student of Namdo San and Kim Yongsan, a family of algae farms.

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