Seven years in prison for Edegem businessman Louis Convents, Van Sa … (Antwerp)

Antwerp / Edegem –

Louis Convents was sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday. The Edegem businessman was arrested at the hearing. The judge finds him guilty across the board: human trafficking, rape, harassment, blows and injuries. Guy Van Sande was acquitted for alleged violence against the then partner of Convents.

Convents, according to the court, exploited several young women as prostitutes. He would also have obliged three of them to have sex with him. The judge also fined 5 times 1,000 euros per victim. Louis Convents’ lawyer, Walter Damen, spoke of a character murder of his client.

Guy Van Sande was acquitted. He was on trial for alleged violence against Convents’ then-partner. That happened during a joint holiday years ago in France. According to Van Sande, he only intervened when the woman attacked Convents during a fight armed with a knife.

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