“Seventeen” held a great concert in Thailand. Get the #1 trend on Twitter.

Seventeen” (Seventeen) The best boy band in the K-POP industry, the record holder of the first artist group with more than 2,000,000 album pre-orders, is back to hold concerts in Thailand again under the name “SIXTEENTH WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] LIVE IN BANGKOK” on 1-2 October 2022 at Challenger Hall 1, Impact Muang Thong Thani

In this event, Seventeen brings hit songs and spectacular shows to “carat” (name of fan club) Thai people have been losing each other for more than 3 hours with a child in the Thai language, making fans love each other in the hall and also make #BETHESUNinBKK Ascend to trend number 1 on Twitter.From Saturday October 1, it continued until Monday October 3

This concert started with the song “HOT“Hottest lead single from the album”BE THE SUN” which can be heard screaming from the band membersSeventeen“The 13 people are”scoops” (S.Cups) “jeonghan” (jeonghan) “Joshua” (Joshua) “Jun” (Jun) “hoshi” (Hoshi) “Wonwoo” (Wonwoo) “Oogee” (Bad) “Diet” (The8) “DK” (DK) “Mingyu” (Mingyu) “Seungkwan” (Seungkwan) “Vernon” (Vernon) and “dino” (Dino) debut on stage

(From left to right) Jun, Escoops, Diet, Mingyu, Woozy, Hoshi, Joshua, DK, Dino, Wonwoo, Seungkwan, Junghan, Ver.

before continuing with the song “March“and”HIT” Another popular song from the group, the 13 young people were not disappointed, Karat sang fully, danced hard, impressed the audience from the beginning of the concert, then the boys greeted the fans one by one, different people.Bring the best Thai phrases to use too. But the most screaming from the fans It would be inevitable, Mingyu, who represented himself, “mango” Because of the reason that he likes to eat Thai mangoes as his soul and hehe was also a guest performerin the sitcom”Luang Ta Public” in the role of Nong Mango as well

The performance in the second set still rocks with the song “Rock With You” One of last year’s hit songs. and then the song “2 Less 1‘ of two boys, Joshua and Vernon. Unleash the power of fun until the fans have to shake their heads to this song tooSongs that the two of them together have written the lyrics too.

For the third set of performances, it willDivide the subunit according to each person’s talent. is a hip-hop unit consisting of Escoops, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon, while the vocal unit consists of Junghan, Joshua, Woozy, DK and Seungkwan, and a perfect unit. Martance consists of Hoshi, Jun, Diet and Dino.

Starting from the performance team who choose the song “Moonlighter“and”Wave” Bryniau Maria Newydd Making the ability to dance in unison The beautiful body arrangements of the four boys, but at the same time, there were no voices.

Then pass the baton to the Vocal team. Let’s show the power of the sound in the song”Come to Me“and”Imperfect Love” The five young men did not disappoint. Singing live well as if the disc had been opened. It also gives the carats a chance to sing the last hook of the song Imperfect Love, which it must be said that Thai carats are not defeated by any nation in the world. can sing in the whole hall

As for the young hip-hop unit, they come in the song.”STAGE 3 BO1” where the fans sing the hook together in unison, following closely with the song “According to It Up” Show off your rap skills Make the carat and the hall rock together in a perfect way.

In the fourth set, the 13 members reunited on stage in red bear costumes. Along with the band’s hit national anthem that everyone must know as “Mance“A bad song that many people miss”Left and Right“A song that became a meme”Very nice” The song that made the band widely known. With the power that each of the 13 boys send to the fans in abundance Make the people in the hall have fun too. Although he did not get up from his seat, he was quite tired.

After the end of VTR, the 13 boys returned to the stage again. in a silver black dress with a sexy but strong song like “Shadow“and”Grind” called the screaming noise from the Karat until the hall almost burst before finishing the concert with the latest single”_World” which is bright and cute One of many people’s favorite songs.

er escoops The leader of the band said _World was the last song of the concert, but the fans knew that. This is not the end of the concert. Everyone was still sitting and staying in their seats, not getting up. While waiting for the Encore show, during which time the camera took a picture of the paper banners that Karat intended to cheer on herself. Who has a handsome figure and a moving message to a shadow picture that elicits laughter from the audience in all parts of the hall.

Shortly afterwards, the 13 members reappeared on stage in clothes that were memorabilia for the concert. (Goods) in the song “Darl+ing” The group’s first English song Before each member of the band described their feelings. Speak your heart out to this concert. and return to perform in Thailand again by the 13th People thanked Thai Karats for their patience and waiting to see each other again. They could feel the positive energy that each Karat was sending out. The more it motivates them to make a good show to watch. And promised to come back for sure on a bigger stage. In the meantime, we have not met May everyone stay healthy and look forward to the day we meet again in the future.

Seventeen then performed the song “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day” Another song with a good meaning from the hearts of the 13 people that has been passed on to the fans. This was followed by a commemorative photo with everyone at the concert and a song performance.”Snap Shot” which is the tradition of this song after the song has finished Each member of the band must be called to dance the hook part of the song free style one by one. including allowing fans to dance to this song Thai Karat seventeen did not disappoint. They danced so hard that the artists were confused.

The concert really ended with the band’s national anthem, Very Nice, where artists ran across the stage to get as close as possible to the carats. Along with inviting the whole audience to get up and jump together. Although the last song was very nice, Seventeen sang several times. When the artist doesn’t finish Is there or will the fans agree? Everyone had fun and completely absorbed the atmosphere of happiness. Before the artists returned to the center of the stage bowing to the audience. It is indeed the end of the concert.

“Seventeen” held a great concert in Thailand.  Get the #1 trend on Twitter.

Throughout the three-hour long concert, Seventeen is full of performances, including singing, dancing, and showing off. Everyone can perform in unison and beautifully, as if they were the same person, worthy of the nickname”The king of synchronization” In the discussions with fans, everyone is doing well. There are all pearls, boba. Call out laughter from the whole hall The style of begging until the carats have to sing “Nooooo”

This is another concert worth waiting for more than 3 years and will be in the hearts of Karats for a long time. And looking forward to creating new good memories together at the next concert. as part of the song lyricsUs, Again” The song they plan to write for the Karats around the world during the time they haven’t met due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Until the day we sing together again

until that day The day we sang together again

This road to you will never end

The path that led me to you never ends.

All the reasons and the reason why this road is beautiful is because of you

You are the reason why this path is beautiful.

At the end of this road, after the turning point

At the turning point at the end of this road

I will protect you so that you will not get tired anymore

I will protect you You will not be tired anymore.

No matter what happens, we will meet again…

anyway we will meet again

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