“Sexually aggressive video”, the belly dancer sentenced to 3 years in prison – Libero Quotidiano

Three years in prison a Sama el-Masry, famous belly dancer in Egypt for her bold videos. at least for Islamic culture. To provoke the ire of the regime of Al We however it is above all the activity of the sensual Sama su Tik Tok, trendy social media among young people and considered potentially subversive by Cairo. actress and singer, star of the Egyptian nights. And just for a video published on the social network, the 42 year old belly dancer was condemned for inciting debauchery and immorality because “sexually aggressive”. Already at the center of various controversial policies, this time Sama tried to defend himself claiming that the video was stolen and shared from his mobile without consent, and now he will appeal against the sentence. But there is a hostile climate in the country: “El-Masry and the other influencers on social media – thunders John Talaat, member of parliament, as reported by Newspaper – they are destroying family values ​​and traditions, activities prohibited by law and constitution “,

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