Shi Lide believes that it is best to implement 0+0 when it is announced that “Hong Kong has returned”.

The chairman of the Manufacturers Association, Shi Lide, said that if the news that the 0+0 entry quarantine could not be implemented in a short period of time was true, it is inevitable that the business community will be very disappointed. He believes that in order to tell the story of Hong Kong well and declare to the outside world that “Hong Kong has returned,” it is best to open 0+0.

In his “Millennium” program, Slade said that if 0 + 0 is implemented and business tourists to Hong Kong increase, these international business tourists will not stay in Hong Kong for a long time, maybe only 2 to 3 day, they will stop by Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. He said that doing business is not only for meetings, but also wants to go out to eat. Some business travelers told him that if Hong Kong still operates 0+3, he will not consider coming to Hong Kong for now.

Shi Lide said that the world has opened up access, and questioned why Hong Kong, as an international city, is so far behind. He mentioned that many international tourists have misunderstood the current 0 + 3 in Hong Kong and still need a 3-day hotel quarantine. Therefore, to eliminate the misunderstanding, it is better to operate 0 + 0. Eighty adults in Hong Kong have received three injections, and there are also isolation facilities. , the operation of 0+0 is fully conditional.

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